Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Love Fest

This super cute, very talented make-up artist, told her brother last night that she loved him so much in her whole heart and he was the best brother she could ever have (good thing since he is the only one she'll have). Then she told him that she would play whatever games he wanted to even if they were all boy games, that would be ok with her. :)

Later on she reached over to me and rubbed my arm and said she loved me like no daughter ever loved a mom. And she had all that love inside her. :) I am worried that she may be coming down with something, because this is not typical behavior! :)
This guy, after hearing his sister butter me up earlier in the night, told me he loved me and daddy very much and he was locking that love up in his heart where it would never leave! :) I do not who these kids are but I hope the love fest stays around for awhile!

It is pretty easy to love on these kids no matter what they do or say---yesterday just made it all sweeter!

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  1. Aww! Those were so sweet to read! :)

  2. They are full with love from time with their mommy...and they are pitching for homeschooling! :)

  3. What precious kiddos -- and that pictures is hysterical. Save it for when she's older.