Friday, August 6, 2010

Stressful Thursday!

Oh my word...this has been a week full of doctor's appointments for me and Caroline. How in the world Will got out of this week of torture I am not sure.

One appointment I had to take Caroline to was the allergist--she has severe allergies to all nuts. Her allergist wanted me to get her blood drawn to determine HOW severe her allergies are. He asked me to do this almost THREE years ago. Well, I did...or at least we attempted. It was a horrible experience that resulted in about 3 drops of blood being drawn.

That attempt had some rolling her veins and blowing her veins.

But no blood. Just 5 people holding my freshly turned two year old down and exploding her veins.

But the other day, the allergist did not want to hear that story. He said it had to be done. Period.

So, Thursday, I woke Caroline up (at 10:00am I might add) and told her what was going to happen. She immediately began screaming and running away from me and telling me, "No! No! No, Mommy. I don't want to get my blood taken."

She sort of calmed down and so I asked her if she wanted to take anything to eat in the car. She looked at me with this indignant face and said, "I can't eat right now." :) I love her drama.
This was sort of the look. (the red bandages were where I put numbing cream on her arms and wrapped them up to make it even worse for her to keep it numb and ready for the blood draw.)

We took off for the Children's Hospital and since I did not grow up around here, I punched it into my GPS. This was one of the directions I got. It is amazing I made it there! :)
We got to the hospital and had to be registered (ya' know, so they know where to send the bill). As they called us back to registration, Caroline started wailing...I mean flat out wailing...I looked at her and said (possibly with my teeth clenched), "What are you doing...we are just going back so they can put our names in the computer." As quickly as the crying started, it ended and she bopped on back to the office area. :) Our information was collected (I think my insurance card is on fire it has been used so much this week) and we were off to the Outpatient Lab.

We walk in and no one is in there. Correction. No one was in the waiting room. We sign in and sit down. For the umpteenth million time, Caroline asked me if it was going to hurt. I had no idea if that numbing cream actually worked, so I said, "That is what the numbing cream is for--the doctor said it wouldn't." Total cop out answer. I know.

All of a sudden from the blood sucking room, we hear, "No. Don't touch me. I said NO!!! Leave me alone. No! I don't want you--I WANT MY DADDY!" Caroline's eyes get HUGE and she looks at me. I very calmly say to her, "She did not have the red things on her arm, remember?" I prayed really hard at that moment that this numbing cream was the real deal!!!!!

They call us back and we haven't even rounded the corner into the room and Caroline is screaming-no howling-no screeching. I can't get her to calm down. She won't sit in the seat. She won't hush. The lab tech smiles sweetly at us. She tells me I can have her sit in my lab. She unwraps one red bandage, cleans her arm, finds her vein, ties the rubber band thingie on and all the while Caroline is still screaming like crazy. She is begging me to not let her do this...all the while her eyes are shut tightly and she is squeezing the fire out of my hand. The tech says, "Ok, just one quick owie and we will be done."

Caroline is still screaming. The needle goes in. The blood starts to come out to fill the test tube (it was a test tube, not a vial) and Caroline is still screaming. :) I say to her, "Does it hurt?" She shakes her head no and says, "Not yet." Still screaming. I tell her the needle is in already...

She almost gives herself whiplash to check out the validity of my statement. She is not to keen on watching the blood drain from her body so she looks away---but no screaming. It had stopped so abruptly, I was concerned maybe she wasn't breathing. The technician finished and asked Caroline if she had felt anything. Caroline said no, with a sheepish grin on her face.

Then, trying to be nice, the technician begins to take the red wrap off the other arm. MELT DOWN CENTRAL. She starts fighting the technician, and shouting, "You can't take blood from this arm." It took a good solid minute to convince her that we were just taking the wrap off, no more blood was coming out.

Whew. Glad that was was she. No worse for the wear.
Will was not with us today--he is growing up on me too fast and decided he wanted to go with the church to a local amusement park without his parents. :) I was ok with that until Mark called 400 times to see if I had heard from him (like he has a cell phone and calls to check in...). I started to worry a little. A very little. He had a blast here...
despite the heat....(he informed me the church brought 275 bottles of water with them and wanted them to drink lots of water all day long.) :)
If the dirt baked onto his toes is any indication of fun level....he had a blast!!!!!!!!

Today starts tax-free stress level is rising again.........

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  1. What a day! Lord, they would have had to knock Lil' Bub out. Last time I took him to the doc was for a strep culture and you would have thought they were asking to do surgery.

    I had no idea there was numbing cream? Shoot, I may need to get some for myself. ;) Caroline's expression is hilarious, though! She is SO cute, even when being all dramatic!

  2. Girl you have had a week! I agree with Brandi about Caroline's expression. It is great that you got it on film.

  3. I love the way you tell this story! Thank you for sharing all of the details...although I could have done without Will's toes. :) We miss you - just got back home to CH...ahhhh!!! It's 5 degrees cooler. Feels like a cold spell!

  4. Visiting you from New Friend Friday! Your poor daughter! I used to DREAD getting my blood drawn when i was a kid...3 nurses had to hold me down! haha, enjoy ur wknd!

  5. Oh, my goodness, did this bring back memories!! My daughter, now 21(!) but it's as fresh in my memory as if it were yesterday! did this exact thing. I've actually told that story a couple of times this summer, for some reason, so I'm glad you've got it all written down! It's going to come in handy later (when it will have become a "funny" story:)!
    (Actually, to all of us, it's a funny story now.) I still can see the looks of everyone in the waiting room as we left. I think they thought that I was THE WORST PARENT that ever walked the face of the earth, because everyone, and I do mean everyone, heard her scream. She did have a pair of lungs. And she didn't stop. Count it a blessing that your daughter stopped!
    Aren't you glad that's over?!
    I am following you from New Friend Friday. Please come over and visit me at
    Faith's Firm Foundation

  6. Aww! Poor Caroline (or, poor you, depending on how you look at it, hehe)! Glad it was painless though.

    And, I'm not going to lie, your hilariously placed smiley faces had me cracking up the whole time, hehee..

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)