Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Will

I cannot believe my Will is eight years old today. Sometimes, eight seems so young. And then other days (most days), it seems so old. How is it that it has been that long since you took forever to come into this world? You may have been stubborn about being born--but your sweet little personality came out almost immediately.

You were always very content. It did not matter what was going on or who had you, you just chilled. You slept SOOOOOOO well from about 4 or 5 weeks on. I used to wake up at night to feed you and after you were done I would say, "Now go back to sleep, because no one is going to talk to you right now." How mean that sounds right now, but I was trying, in my new-mom-I-don't-know-anything phase to try and get you on a schedule! You are still a great sleeper--and you are asleep within 2 minutes of laying your head on the pillow (can't you teach your sister about that?).

You have a great sense of humor...

You love to tell TALL tales...
You are a good sport...
You are passionate about your sports...especially your losses...
You ponder things and come up with unique solutions to problems...
You are a great big brother....
You are very serious about this EIGHT thing...and I want you to just stop growing.
I love how you ask me to pray for you every night before you go to bed. I love how when we are done praying, you kiss me on both cheeks, then the lips and say, "I love you more than you love me." I love that when I say back to you, "I doubt it." you giggle and walk to your room.

I love that you still wave to me in the hall at school when our classes pass by each other.

I love you! And I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday Will!

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  1. What a sweet post - I got teary reading it.

  2. Happy Birthday, Will! I didn't get to talk to you today, but I love you and am proud of you.


  3. :-) what a sweet boy you have. i know a girl just his age we should fix him up with!

    then we can do a w.i.w.f.t.w. (what i wore for the wedding post) together!

    i was a schedule mama too! still am (yikes!)

  4. Happy Birthday to Will!

    That last part you wrote got me choked up! Raising your kids in the ways of the Lord is amazing!