Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Sweet Encounter

Will had a football game on Monday night. It was against the team from the school where I used to teach. I wanted to win. We did. :) I was glad. But not as glad as I was when Caroline pointed over to the team waiting to play and said, "I think I see Kammi."

I looked up and lo and behold, there she was! Who is she, you ask? She is Will's oldest friend (she is seven---oldest in terms of years he has known her). They were in daycare together from the time they were 11 months old. They both went to the same school for Pre-K (thanks to Kammi's mom who got Will through the door). When it was time for Kindergarten, they parted ways.

We saw them last year at Youth Night at the local football game but Will was SOOOOOO embarrassed he would not even talk to her. We have not seen her since then.

Til Monday night.

When Caroline spotted her.

It made me go home and find some old pictures of them.

Here they are in 2005 on Halloween at the daycare.

This was 2007 before they left to spend the day in the mountains celebrating Kammi's birthday!
And this was Monday night. Will is a sweaty mess but Kammi is just as cute as ever!
I love a sweet, chance encounter!

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  1. How adorable! I love that he's in his football gear and her in her cheerleading uniform (at least it looks like she is). Very sweet! Cool that you still have all those pics to compare :o)

  2. So looks like future rehearsal dinner material to me!!