Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Weekend and The Birthday Boy

The kids both had football games (Will to play in, Caroline to cheer for--though not for the same age group and therefore, not at the same field). It was hot Saturday. And by hot, I mean, hot enough to make my two kids almost pass out. Seriously. Now, please keep in mind that MY kids were the ONLY two kids who suffered from this obvious inherited disorder they got from their dad! :) I got some pictures of Caroline before her almost fainting spell but Will was with his dad who never thinks to document times like this (the one of him and Caroline is from Friday night before youth night at the local high school).

We recovered nicely over the rest of the weekend by watching as much football as possible. We had to rest up because yesterday we had a birthday to celebrate!

I asked Will on Sunday night what he wanted for breakfast on his birthday. I thought he would say, "Nothing." I was close. He said, "Bacon, eggs, and pancakes." Oh. OK. Let me set my alarm for 4am so I can get all that done and we can be at work early for car duty. Yeah! He did tell me, though, that is was the best bacon and eggs he had ever eaten. :) I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner (thinking he would think like me and choose a restaurant) and he decided on steak, homemade mac and cheese, green beans and bread. WOW. I don't think I have cooked this many meals in one day in...forever!
We had to wait for daddy to come home before we could open presents--but once he showed up, Will was in rare form. I guess he somehow thought standing in the chair shirtless would make his present opening time so much better. Instead, he looks like he has a hook in his head in most of the pictures.

His card opening skills leave A LOT to be desired. He worked a while getting that envelope open and when he pulled out the card he said, "Cool. Glasses."

Sure. Or maybe an eight. Since today is your eighth birthday.
He really is fun to watch open presents. He gets excited about everything. He tells stories while he opens presents and he tries to figure out why certain people choose the gifts they do. It is pretty cool. His granddaddy gave him a game winner--the autograph of the head coach of The University of North Carolina Men's Basketball Team! :)
After presents was technically when we ate dinner (even though the dinner picture was up there at the beginning). After dinner, Will and Mark went outside to have a nerf gun war. I am not sure anyone won (except me, because the house was quiet and empty for a whole 10 minutes). Then it was inside and time for cupcakes!

Only one slight problem.
Right after he blew out the candle on his cupcake, he informed me he doesn't really like cupcakes.

Well, Happy Birthday to you then, huh? No worries, his sister took one for the team and scarfed down her cupcake happily and all the while telling me how much she loves cupcakes. I guess next time for dessert I will give him bacon and eggs.

I couldn't end without a picture of the princess...who was very jealous of her brother getting presents and keeps asking when her birthday will be here. :)

Will has a football game today--here's hoping no one feels faint or actually does faint.

And I guess I will have to eat a cupcake...since we are down one cupcake eater now. Wouldn't want them to spoil.


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  1. happy birthday to your boy!

    we have the same "you are special today plate."

    this last year i stumbled on a genius birthday b-fast, which has SAVED me from having to set the alarm at 4a.m.- bakery donuts and 3x of junk cereal! my kids LOVE IT!

    enjoy your 8 year old (josie would have been a "Will" too, if she'd had different plumbing :-) )

  2. How generous of you to eat the cupcake! You know I'd help if I were in town. :)

  3. CUTE little cheerleader :o) What does he mean he doesn't like cupcakes? What's wrong with that boy? I like how you collage all your photos!