Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Big Weekend!

We went to the Alabama-South Carolina football game this weekend! And what a game it was!!!

I feel I should correct some people's thinking (Brandi)...I was NOT cheering for Alabama.

I do cheer for Alabama unless they play South Carolina (which is where my husband went to school)...

I just needed to get that off of my chest.

Enjoy the video of the weekend. The beautiful music (mom, you will hate it) is called Sandstorm and the whole place danced to it after touchdowns, time outs, commercial breaks, etc. I got a little sick of it while there but strangely found I missed it once the game was over.

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  1. super fun video! I LOVE the song! Reminds me of high school... :) and I loved seeing all of the pictures, even if it was for the wrong Carolina! Sarah is shorter than I realized :) and quite talented at face painting. You and Caroline are peas in a pod! :) Much love! Let's see if we fare as well next year for UNC/South Carolina! :) We'll be there; will you?!