Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Precious Caroline!

OK--I know I owe you all a post about Saturday's and it is coming, I promise. I am trying to find a picture of me crossing the finish line...I am sure you are anxious to see it too.

I have been dealing with a slight stomach issue which is why I did not post Saturday about the race.

And today is Sweet Caroline's birthday! So race talk will be later! For now...enjoy these photos of Caroline from then til now!

You were a big baby in comparison to your brother. You weighed 8 lbs 9 oz...the doctor almost dropped you because everyone had been thinking you would be about 6 pounds! I love that from the get-go you have defied the odds.
You kept us on our toes from day one. You had a pretty high bilirubin count and had to go under a jaundice light. For reasons I do not wish to go into on this blog post, a jaundice light scared me to death. Your grandma and I took turns sitting up with you all day and all night while you were on the light. We called you our little glow worm. You really slept well on the light. Once the colic started, I was wishing you would sleep like this again. I love that you required a lot from us right away!
KK came to visit you right away and has always loved on you. She has been patient and loving and caring toward you. Even now, you broke her heart with your crying over preschool and she has made it her job to pick you up at 2:00pm every day she can so you don't have to wait "after all the other moms have come to get their kids." I love that you love her so much still.

I love that you have always been your own person. You march to the beat of a completely different drummer. I hope you are always so strong and independent.
I love that while you do not want bows in your hair, you are totally into make-up. I love that this MADE your day!
I love that your excitement was felt all over the store as "Miss Caroline Elyse" made "Miss Caroline Elizabeth" feel like a queen.
I love that you squealed when you opened your birthday present. I love that you buckled her into your seatbelt to keep her safe.
I love that you asked me if you would be "straight five or just five" on your birthday. I still don't know how to answer that.
I love that you boldly announced in Walmart that everyone should love Jesus because He has given everybody everything. I love that you didn't even care that people stopped to stare at you.

I love you sweet girl. Happy Birthday!

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  1. oh goodness. I am crying! Seriously, a real American Girl doll? You have raised the bar....
    I love Caroline, too. I am her favorite, right?!

  2. I don't know your daughter personally but after reading about her I'm loving her already! What a sweet baby!
    Be blessed, bex

  3. I don't know your daughter personally but after reading about her I'm loving her already! What a sweet baby!
    Be blessed, bex