Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend!

What a week. What a weekend this will be.


I feel some pressure each Halloween with the whole costume is self-inflicted pressure, I admit.

This year, Will's costume is a skeleton. He showed it off here. He couldn't wear it to church for Awanas so we had to come up with another option. I was baffled...then it hit me...A NERD! He pulled it off great, I think. He was worried everyone would laugh (that may have been because I laughed uncontrollably when we got the whole outfit on) but he ended up winning best costume so he was cool with it.

Caroline wore Kalyn's (Kalyn is Chachi's daughter) snow white costume from when she was five. Oh the memories...not for me...I did not know them when she was five...but Chachi and Lynn had some come flooding back. :) The costume was made by Chachi's mom. I know. It was a sweet moment.

Without further adieu: Snow White and her...uhhhh...Nerd!

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and I hope good candy for all of you!

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  1. GREAT costumes! :) Have a fun Halloween!

  2. Will looks awesome! And Caroline looks every bit as precious as she is! She would have been a great real-life Snow White! :)

  3. I love the costumes. Snow White and her, uh, Nerd! Awesome movie you have going there!!!! Hope you guys have fun tonight!