Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

Ok...here is my race post. And as a warning...this may be tmi for some of you.

Friday night was Homecoming at the local high school and we were out kinda late. I had an early wake up call for Saturday morning. I was nervous about running the race. I did not want to come in last and I did not want to make a fool of myself.

I figured I would not sleep well Friday night, by lo and behold, I slept great! I got up early on Saturday and was getting ready--totally in awe of the fact that I was not nervous or having to go to the bathroom (and here begins the tmi).

I was almost ready to go and my stomach began to rumble...

To spare you all the gross details, I was in the bathroom for a long time...almost passed out...wanted to die. I told God, if He really wanted me to do this (and I was totally willing to stay home from the race) He would have to take this feeling away.

And there it went.

So I left for the race. And half way there, the feeling hit again. Now I should interject here that I gag at the word port-o-potties. G-A-G! But as I arrived at the race, I began a frantic search for the line of portable toilets. I never thought I would use one in the middle of my town or almost leap for joy when someone coming out of one said, "I was the first one to use this one. I have never been first before!" I was back and forth so many times to that area of the race that one time a friend followed me and began cheering me on.

I thought I was ok...until about 10 minutes before the race. Then that feeling from first thing in the morning came roaring back. I ran back to my new favorite place and thought, "Oh no. I am going to pass out." I prayed and cried (literally, I cried) and begged God to just let me go home. I just wanted my bed. But I said again to God--if you want me to do this, take this feeling away. And there it went.

So I lined up to race. And then the race began. I was overwhelmed with the encouragement being shouted to us, the clapping, the smiles, the cheers. I cried at the beginning of the race. Who does that? Me.

I ran the race with only one time where I had to stop and walk (I thought I was going to have to run into a store and use the restroom). But, of course, the feeling passed.

I ran it in 35:51 (not great, I know...) and was so thankful that it was over. Of course, as soon as I crossed the finish line, I headed to my new favorite place for a little rest. :)

I then went home and spent the rest of the day close to the bathroom, having cold chills and major stomach pain.

But I ran. Ran for God. And He gave me EXACTLY what I needed when I needed it, he stretched me out of my comfort zone and He showed me just how powerful He is. His timing is perfect.

I am so thankful for the push to run this summer...so thankful that running for GOD made me stick to it....so thankful that my running days are not over.

I am not so thankful for the mini-triathlon anonymous wants me to do with her next October. But on the bright side, I have a whole year to find that excitement! :)

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  1. This is such a great post, and had be grinning like a freak whenever you said the feeling went away when you asked for it.

    Awesome post, and good for you, running that race! :)


  3. I probably would have decided not to leave the house. Girl, you are AMAZING! Congrats! What an accomplishment!