Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Anonymous

Today is Anonymous' birthday. She is only one year, one month and one day older than me. I was her pesky little sister too...just like I was to Leigh Ann. (Yeah, both sisters have birthdays close together...and their names both start with an "L" but I am not bitter that I was left out of the L fame or that I did not have a birthday within a week of theirs). I did not so much share Leslie's clothes, because she had, uhm, should we say a unique style about her? She had orange hair once. And platinum blond hair too. Not at the same time. Thank goodness.

I mailed her birthday package to her the other day...I was so excited to send it to her (mainly because I know how I feel when I get a package in the mail...). So I handed my box to the postman and he looked at the box and then at me and said, "Oh. Are you mailing this to your daughter in college?" WHAT? "Uhm, no. My daughter is 5. I am mailing it to my sister." He just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders...then said, "Oh." OH? That is all you have to say---you have just damaged my pyschi and all you have to say to me is OH!? All I know is she better love her package now...because I was damaged for life sending it!

Anyway, back to Anonymous...

She was the quiet, shy sister. She never wanted the attention on her. She is super smart (both my sisters are...) and she is a go-getter. She is very serious and oh my is she a planner. She actually called me at the beach this summer to tell me that no one had informed her that we had planned out the meals for the week and to ask why wasn't she consulted. I was thinking...hey, next time you plan the meals and then I will just be surprised at dinner--how is that?! :) I had to resist the urge not to call her some days and tell her things like, "We are brushing our teeth now." or "I just watched a Lifetime movie." :) She does not appreciate my humor all the time, so I resisted.

She used to make me kill ants for her when we played outside. Once, she made me break up with her boyfriend over the phone. Poor guy. He never knew he wasn't talking to his girlfriend. :)

Anonymous is my organic eating, cleanse diet doing, no nonsense sister with 3 great kids and one very ADHD dog!

She is the ever watchful mom (which is why you won't see pics of her kids on her birthday post even though they love her very much...she hasn't given me permission to post their pics.). She keeps guard at the beach for us...see her cool lifeguard stance (she is SO gonna kill me for this)?

She was always a great big sis. She had lots of life experiences that helped lead this little sister in the right direction. :) She led me to the right college...we let the Dookie pose with us in the picture below cuz we are nice like that.
**Dookie=one who graduated from Duke**
Anonymous, do you remember your senior year at Carolina when we got front row tickets to the North Carolina-Duke basketball game? Do you remember what your shirt said? Yeah...that was funny (til mom and dad saw it on TV).

Anonymous always likes when I post my What I Wore Wednesday posts (I think it is NO coincidence that her birthday falls on Wednesday, leaving WIWW out in the cold...). She is the laid back sister. Sweat pants and a t-shirt are her MOJO. She has short hair and wears little to no makeup. And she always looks fabulous. We go round and round on this let's not get into the debate here.

As you can see, she didn't fix her hair when she was little either...she left that up to me. :) Obviously, she was taking cues even then from the oh so stylish little sister with a haircut like a boys!
Most of the time she was nice. There was that one time that I told her she couldn't break my arm. And then she tried to prove me wrong. :) She probably gave me this black eye would not have been from swinging between two desks at dad's office even after my mom told me to stop and falling flat on my face. People always asked my parents if we were twins and that used to make her so mad. Of course, she has the last laugh now since I am apparently her mom.
I don't have anything to say about this picture...we are a jumbled mess of plaids, stripes and cute bow ties at the neck of our peter pan collars! :)

Anonymous, you add so much to my posts with your comments and your xoxo at the end. I love you tons and so wished we lived closer.

Happy Birthday Sis---you have always rocked it as a big sis and with each day that passes I am more and more thankful for you!

Go crazy and have a soy latte on me...

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  1. haha, I would love to know what Anonymous' shirt said at the Duke game! I also got left out with my name. My sister has a very simple name Ashley Michelle (and my Mom's middle name is Michelle as well), and they give me Paigeleana Rachelle...what?
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Paige, I LOVE this post, despite the fact that it's about me and that the beach picture so could have been left out! :) What great memories - I love being your sister, too. You inspire me to accessorize (occasionally) and to be generous to my kids teachers! :) I am already planning something fabulous for your birthday (and you know H will laugh when he reads that you think I'm a planner! :))>

  3. Well, I certainly enjoyed that trip down memory lane with my two much younger and much shorter(ha! ha!) sisters! Love you both! Someday we will live close enough to have these conversations in person instead of on blogs. Happy Birthday, Anonymous! Hope you finally got your shower :) LA

  4. Paige, this is my fave post in weeks! I thought of L, I mean Anonymous on her birthday too.
    I think of her every time I wear my gold ball earrings. Right before I took my first overseas trip she gave me a pair of fake ones and told me to ONLY TAKE THOSE and no other jewelry so nothing would get stolen and I would not have to worry. Brilliant. They were all I took and I wore them every day. I sure was thankful for that advice when we returned from a trip and our room had been broken in to. Nothing stolen cuz nothing to steal.
    Anyway, what a great tribute to L, crap, I mean Anonymous!
    Makes me thankful for the girlfriends I consider sisters.
    I've never once thought about you not being an "L"!

  5. what a sweet birthday tribute! love all the old pix too.