Sunday, November 14, 2010

He's Home!!!

Sunday was a good day for our family. My family is a large one...well, large for today's standards. We have my parents, my two sisters, me, my brother, all of our spouses, 10 grand kids here on earth, and one precious one waiting for us in heaven. We love each other. We love being together (we do, y'all, don't we?).

This year, though, we have been a puzzle missing a piece. We have been minus one of ours and we missed him. He didn't leave us because he wanted to. He left us to help keep us free and safe. He is our soldier. He is our Iron Mike. AND HE IS FINALLY HOME!

He is a walking testimony as to how big our God is. He was fighting a pretty fierce battle this past year and he did not lose one of his soldiers. The enemy was sneaky, played dirty and tried to trip them up and yet God's protection was impenetrable. I love it when God shows up like that.

Sunday, God continued to show Himself faithful by returning Mike home to his family--to my sister and her three kids. I have no idea what happened when they saw him. I have an idea though.

It was April. 1991. My sisters, mom, brother and I were waiting at an airfield in North Carolina. A plane landed. My mom was taken out to the steps of the plane. The doors opened and my dad came out. He almost broke his neck getting down those steps and to my mom. He had been gone since August 1990. The rest of us were just as excited to see him as he made his way over to where we were. We hugged, we laughed, my sister Leigh Ann showed him her engagement ring.

She was engaged to a military man named Mike. And this Sunday, more than 20 years later, she stood in my mom's shoes, waiting for her brave soldier to come home. I know they are excited to have him home. I am excited he is back.

I made a video for him and his family before he left. I couldn't share it with you until he was safely home for good. I am so glad I get to share it with you today! So, at the end of this Veteran's Day weekend, let me say, "Welcome Home Mike!!!" We are SO glad you are back!!!

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  1. still crying. Thank you Lord!!

  2. Goodness girl, way to make a grown woman cry! How beautiful!

  3. thoughtful.

    welcome home mike...and thank you for serving (to both mike, your sister, and family)!