Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honor. Duty. Country.

Today is Veteran's Day. I have two favorite veterans currently in my life. One is my father. The other is my brother in law.

The picture on the left below is my dad when he was a cadet at West Point. He spent 33 years in the Army (he counts his years at West Point too) and served in many foreign wars. My dad is an amazing man and would be even if he did not ever serve a day in his life. But he did. I could not be prouder to be anyone's daughter. I love you dad. Thank you for serving, sacrificing and for coming home safely each time.

The picture on the right is my brave brother in law. He is currently in the Army. I have watched both my sister and my brother in law stand strong in the face of adversity, deployment and separations. I think we could all learn a lot watching the brave men and women (and their families) who selflessly serve our country day in and day out!

I wrote a little something about what today means to me.

What is a Veteran?

It is honor, when no one else stands strong
It is keeping watch all day and all night long.
It is time away from loved ones, sometimes for a year.
It is living with constant danger, risk and even fear.

It is moving to a new place every few years or so.
It is never holding on too tight, but not wanting to let go.
It is sacrificing everything for the good of everyone else.
It is always putting others and their needs above yourself.

It is freedom. It is peace. It is something worth fighting for.
It is honor. It is duty. It is life-changing to the core.
It is brave. It is loyal. It is marching off to war.
It is tears. It is sadness. It is what will be no more.

It is hard. It is painful. It takes only the strong and true.
It is the face of America. It is the defenders of the red, white and blue.

Don't forget to pause today and be thankful for those who serve in our Armed Forces. They give up so much so we can each sleep in peace. Thanking them is the least that we can do.

To my two favorite veterans: I salute you!


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  1. Thanks, Paige! You know how to put in words what the rest of us are thinking. Love you Mike and Dad. Leigh Ann

  2. And I salute you! :) and salute you and salute you and salute you....oh, I could go on and on! Thanks, Paige, for writing all of our emotions down. We love Mike and dad, too, and are so proud to be part of this family and to be American.
    xoxo...and hooyah...and army strong!..and top of the rock!

  3. Beautiful tribute, Paige! What a wonderful honor to have 2 veterans in your family. I too have a list of family members who have served our country and I'm proud and forever grateful!