Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I love What I Wore Wednesday that Lindsey hosts each week. Link up and check out the other outfits. Or if you are not so brave-check out the cute outfits for inspiration...

I have had sick kids this week so my outfits on two days will scare you. Don't try to say I did not warn you!

Dress: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Lindsay Phillips
Jewelry: Silpada
Long-sleeved white shirt: Gap
Long Vest: Ann Taylor
Jeans: Ann Taylor
Jewelry: Silpada
Tank: Kohls
Shirt: Belk
Jeans: Buckle
Shoes: Ariat cowboy boys
Jewelry: Hodge-podge but mostly Silpada
Hat: Grandpa's again....I really wish I could wear hats every day!
Here is where it gets scary! This day I had to take Will to the doctor(he had strep), was fighting croup with Caroline, it was POURING down rain and I didn't feel great (but let's face it: Stacy London from What Not to Wear would say all that is no excuse for what you see above)! :) My favorite part is the t-shirt half under the sweatshirt, half out.
T-shirt: college bookstore
Sweatshirt: Mark's
Sweatpants: Nike Outlet
Hat: college bookstore

T-shirt: received from a local race I did not run in
pajama pants: no idea

Tank: Ann Taylor
Black shirt: from my girl's trip to NYC in 2006
Skinny Jeans: Ann Taylor
Tall boots: ???? no idea-worn them for so long the label is rubbed off on the inside
Jewelry: Silpada

What have you been wearing? I love outfit ideas so don't let me down!

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  1. Don't you just LOVE Linsay Phillips shoes? They are so incredibly cute and comfy! I love your outfits! Don't worry we all have what not to wear days as well, but you're still beautiful!

  2. I like your chambray dress outfit. I have a chambray tunic I am really struggling with.

  3. Things from Student Stores tend to be a staple in my wardrobe....

  4. Ohhh I had crazy sick kid week too! I finally showered and got dressed just to see if I remembered how!

  5. Hi Paige! Love your blog name btw!

    Also loved your outfits on the third day and your last one in the black too! Super cute. And I can't blame you for staying in your comfies with sick kids. My whole family has been sick and it makes me hate this time of year. Hope everyone is well soon! Nice to meet you!!

  6. Hi Paige!

    I love seeing "paige's"! So cool! I would love it if you linked your post up at my WIWW linky party!

  7. You are hilarious! Forget Stacy- of COURSE you have an excuse. Love what I can see of your outfits. Tiny request- can you move your fabulous (i'm super jealous!) camera strap behind you so we can get a better shot of your cutie clothes? thanks for sharing

  8. love the outfit with grandpa's hat! i just love hats!!

  9. Love the first & second outfits! Hope you're kids are feeling better, there's so much going around right now.

  10. You're always a hoot! Sorry about the sick kiddos. The first outfit is super cute. I'm going to look for that dress at Old Navy. You look adorable in the hat. Fun!

  11. Ha! Notice though that Stacy London does not have two small children, so that is much easier said than done! Love your style!!! Thanks for stopping by! : )

  12. very cute.

    i am looking a bit more like your "sick kids day" these days.

  13. when are we shopping together?... ;-)

  14. I think you're beautiful in all of them. The fact that you took time to take pics while you're kids were sick is amazing. I walk by the mirror, look once, look twice and decide - Yep, no picture of me today :o)