Monday, November 1, 2010

It was Scary at our House

Yes, it was Halloween weekend. Yes, our town had major confusion over whether we would trick or treat on Saturday since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year or whether we would go Sunday. I am all for the idea of trick or treat ON the day...hello, we don't celebrate Christmas on different day if it happens to fall on the weekend. Anyway, my kids scored because they went both days (seize the moment, right?).

We did not score with the pig-pickin' we were supposed to go to. We did not go. And Caroline did not get her trip to the American Girl store.

Want to know why?

Well, we have affectionately called our house "Our Little Money Pit" since about 2 weeks after we closed on it. If something could go wrong in our house, it has or will. Our chimney on the front of the house has been settling for a number of years. It has gotten a little dangerous lately and so Mark had a contractor come look and give us an estimate to tier it up and secure it. It was a big project.

And then they began jack-hammering. And then they stopped. Cuz they hit FOUR FEET of concrete under and around our chimney. When you add the weight of the concrete plus the weight of the bricks NO WONDER THE THING HAS BEEN SINKING! then became an extremely large project. And extremely expensive.

So Mark decided he would ask them to leave their jack hammer and do some work himself. So, we did not go to the pig roast; or American Girl...we listened to jack hammering ALL weekend.

And then today the contractor told Mark he might want to go a different tear the brick off and put stone there instead.

And Mark agreed.

Oh my. Don't worry---I have documented it all up until now... You are welcome.

The gap where the chimney has settled. Those 2 by 4s are not really holding anything up...the chimney is magically attached to the house somehow. Well, at least the middle part is...

Two things you never want to see in your driveway...a foundation repair truck and a (baby) jack hammer.

Mark worked hard all weekend...I think he is still shaking today...
One person had her weekend made anyway....she asked if we could bring it home. Sure, honey, it can live in the front of the house...and then when the chimney DOES fall off, no one will notice the hole in the house for the horse standing there. :)

It was a scary weekend at our house. Hope I have more to be thankful for as the scary month of October ends and November begins.

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  1. I have the giggles... sorry! Hmmm, maybe they just glued the chimney to the side of the house? haha!

    I think Caroline has something there with the horse... I'm not going to bother losing the baby weight ~ I'm just going to buy a horse and take it with me everywhere I go and NO ONE will ever notice the weight! ;)

  2. Oh my goodness Paige - I totally feel your pain about your house. We have gone through the same with ours.