Monday, November 29, 2010


We had such a great Thanksgiving week. My mom and dad came to visit (and I took not one picture---shame on me!!!) and we had SO much fun. We were all sad to see them leave though I think they were ready to get home since they left at 5 am!! :)

While they were here, we put up the Christmas (shhhhh...don't was BEFORE Thanksgiving) and my kids wanted "their" trees up too. I put up the tree in the hallway and then put out my nativity scene and Caroline instantly went for it. She pulled up the step ladder and began playing. One poor little lamb lost a leg during the play time, but thankfully we had some super glue. At one point, Barbie joined the fun though I am not sure baby Jesus approved of her short skirt. She played for a solid hour. WOW!

I left the first two pictures dark because that is the exact scene I watched for an hour. I put the flash on for the last one so you could see what she was doing.

Trust me. It was sweet!

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  1. LOVE THE NEW PAGE, PAIGE! And evidence of Christmas at your house...FINALLY! Love the story about Caroline. Very sweet. Miss you and love you.

  2. The Christmas header is so cute! That is sweet! Made me laugh too. My boys do the exact same thing... play with stuff like that. Makes me wonder WHY we buy toys? ;)

  3. we decorated before thanksgiving this year too!!! first time ever...i don't think it will be the last. made thanksgiving week less stressful.