Monday, December 27, 2010

50 Things We Love About Lynn

Today is the birthday of someone very special to our family. She has been in our lives for 8 years. When we welcomed Will into our lives we also welcomed Lynn.

Lynn was new to our church when I was pregnant with Will. I needed a long-term sub for my maternity leave and could not find one. Someone suggested asking the new pastor's wife since she had a teaching certificate. I was intimidated...after all, she was the PASTOR'S wife. I finally had no other I called her. She could not have been more kind and she agreed to do it (mainly because it was half days... :) )...and she has basically been a member of our family ever since.

She toted my child everywhere with her and loved him like her own. When I had Caroline, she watched her for me for 4 weeks...always doting on her and never saying anything ugly about my whiny, fussy baby with colic. She even still lets us all in her house all these years later.

But more than being a babysitter or job-sitter for me, she has been my friend. Sometimes she is the one standing there when I don't want a friend...when I would rather stew in my selfishness or bad attitude. Sometimes she is the one who makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt. Sometimes she is the one who takes my breath away with her beauty or grace. And sometimes she is the one who tells me that Jesus has given me a special crown with velcro that they are easily put on and taken off, depending on my attitude and words. :0 She even makes the sound velcro makes when it is tearing apart whenever she thinks I may have just done something to lose a jewel.

She is my forever friend...she knows too much to ever leave my life. :)

So here are 50 things we love about our Lynn!

1. You don’t send Christmas cards.
2. You have loved our children since they were born—even if they did not come up with a cute, acceptable nickname for you.
3. You are pretty (“and I love her to my heart because she is so sweet”). (Caroline)
4. You did not know you had a double oven until you were heating up food for Bible Study and you were standing there thinking you could use another oven…and there it was.
5. You laughed out loud when you realized you DID have a double oven and you did not even hesitate sharing that story with the group.
6. You have the BEST laugh.
7. Your smile can light up a room.
8. You are positive---always.
9. You give the best hugs.
10. You make the best banana pudding.
11. You love NCIS.
12. You loved Jack Bauer.
13. You let both of my children stay in your Sunday School class for two years…even when they were way younger than they should have been.
14. You know how to use kissy fingers.
15. You, too, have a friend named Miss Kitty.
16. You are the best golf cart driver that GLBC never let on the parking crew.
17. You forget to turn your phone to silent in church and forget to turn it back on when church is done.
18. You know how to make it look like your neighbor’s phone rang in church when it was really yours.
19. You wished that neighbor was next you at that WEDDING when your phone rang and you were caught!
20. You love Pappasitos…and you took me there…and told me what I needed to order…which proves you love me the most.
21. You should have been an FBI interrogator. You can get anyone to spill any information in about 5 seconds—even if they were supposed to keep it a secret.
22. You did not know how to take a day off from work for the first two years you worked at NHE.
23. You love Diet Dr. Pepper.
24. You took my children shopping and out to eat when they were still in an infant carrier and you thought it was fun.
25. You play army men with Will and dolls/barbies with Caroline when they come over.
26. You got asked to pray in front of the WHOLE faculty at our Christmas party and never batted an eye.
27. You talk all through church when I sit with you but YOU never get called down publicly.
28. You love to shop.
29. You always have candy at your house for my kids to eat.
30. You are very competitive and it is rumored that you will even cheat to win.
31. You are a precious friend who will listen to my whining and complaining and my crying.
32. You write your lesson plans in every color of the rainbow.
33. You stand your ground and speak your mind…sometimes without other people realizing you have done it (it is that smile…captivating…hypnotizing).
34. You are a prayer warrior.
35. You are a great sister and daughter.
36. You picked a pretty good husband.
37. You are an amazing mother.
38. You use something called Bartender’s Friend to clean your stovetop.
39. You make THE best carrot cake (even if it did almost kill Caroline). :)
40. You are an amazing judge of character.
41. You were so excited that on your cruise your room had an ocean view. :)
42. You are nice (Will).
43. You saved all of Justin and Kalyn’s toys for us to play with. (Will)
44. You make special desserts for my mom because she said they were her favorite. (Will)
45. You had activities and beds ready for us when we had a “most unfortunate occurrence” in our basement.
46. Your glass is always over-flowing.
47. You are a faithful friend, always seeing the silver lining.
48. You are practical but you know how to enjoy life to the fullest.
49. You were an unexpected blessing in my life just when I needed you but didn’t know I needed you.
50. You are a picture of God’s love, grace and JOY and I consider myself the blessed one in this relationship.

Happy Birthday Sweet Lynn. We all love you (but I love you the most!)!

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  1. oh now i love Lynn just from reading about her!!

  2. i had the privilege of sitting behind ms lynn at that WEDDING when her phone went off! :) it was the best distraction for this momma of a 2 wk old at the time that was about to have a nervous breakdown bc she'd left her baby so thanks lynn.... haha! happy birthday! we are thankful for you!