Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Called Out in Church

Have you ever gotten in trouble for something you did not do?

Yeah, me too. It comes with the territory of getting in trouble constantly for things I DO actually do.

But two Sundays ago, I was just sitting there in church, minding my own business. A sweet family sat down behind us. They are in our Sunday School class. We had not been to Sunday School that day so she leans down to say hi and tell me she is glad to see us. We talk about work (we are both teachers) and the conversation moves to more work talk. Only this time, me--the girl who can talk to anyone--was not talking. I was just listening.

In the background of that conversation I hear someone say, "Kerry, I am starting up here." I half think, "Hey--I am talking to a Kerry, but surely our pastor is not talking to this Kerry...he doesn't really know her...he wouldn't call her out in church." So I do not turn around--I just keep listening to her talk. Then I hear...

"Hey, Paige, I am trying to get started here. Pay attention." (I put quotes around that but in reality I can not say with 100% certainty that those were the exact words he said.) I do know, however, with 100% certainty that I almost died. I laughed. I looked at my husband who was shaking his head and said, "I wasn't even talking." He just patted my leg and looked away--he said later he did not want Charlie to call him out too. You know...he didn't want the bad apple to drag him down too. Thanks for the support babe.

When it was time to greet people, Kerry said, "Paige, I am so sorry. I got you in trouble." I smiled and laughed and said it was fine. She then added, "I haven't been called down in church since, probably, the sixth grade." I laughed again and thought, "Yeah, it's been about a year for me." :) When I mentioned that to my pastor later, he laughed and said, "It has been less than a year, Paige." :) :) I know, mom. You are so proud, aren't you?

You know what is so funny? THIS time, I was not talking. I was just listening. And the chances of that happening again (getting called out in church when NOT actually talking) is slim to none.
I know, mom, proud again, right?

Have you ever been called out in church?

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  1. I HAVE NEVER BEEN CALLED OUT IN CHURCH!....wait, yes, I have! I laughed inappropriately at a comment and got a look. Is that the same?!

  2. That's funny! Our music always starts first, so by the time Pastor is out, there isn't an opportunity to be talking. Well, you know what I mean.
    I've never got in trouble before, but was called out to be prayed for and it was awesome.

  3. bahahahaahahahahahahahahaha, bhahahahaaha....still laughing...catching my breath! :) i'm laughing because that could've so very easily have been me. this past sunday, bro charlie said to barry & i as we were leaving "i'd like to sit down & talk with you two sometime after the holidays. we'll have you over for dinner." we immediately get in the car, barry says "are we in trouble?" at least you know why you were called out, we're still clueless. ha! merry christmas friend!