Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am how old?

Well, today, 38 years ago, my mom was dropped off at the hospital by my dad who waved at her and said, "Call me when you have it."

Really dad? I mean, really?

I tell that story every year, and I am sure hoping that maybe it isn't true. But I think it is. Mom and dad already had two kids (one was four, one was barely one) and they lived in Utah--very far away from family (dad, I am trying to salvage your reputation here). And it WAS 38 years ago and that was way before they could tell you what you were having. Dad was pulling for a boy...he lost.

So alas, I entered the world...and no one thought to carry on the L name pattern started with my older sisters. So dad, who just dropped mom off at the hospital and said "call me", got the privilege of naming me. Jennifer Paige was what he chose.

I have kidded a long time about my name not being an L name but I love my name. I don't know if it is so much my name as it is the who I am because of that name.

I am Bob and Bonnie's favorite youngest daughter.
I am younger sister to Leigh Ann and Anonymous.
I am the older sister of my wild and crazy brother, Bobby.
I am an Army Brat.
I am a child of God (this is the coolest one!).
I am a Tarheel.
I am an aunt to the coolest nieces and nephews.

After I changed my name slightly and added Mark to my side:

I am Mark's wife.
I am Will and Caroline's mom.
I am a teacher.

I am blessed.

And I am old!!!

I hope everyone who stops by here today has an amazing day today. Yeah, it may be my birthday, but I hope everyone has a blast today. We are heading to the SEC championship...
I will keep you posted on how it turns out for our family!

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  1. hahaha! 'Call me when you have it.' That's great! ;)

    I wanted to name Amberly something else, but my MIL said she'd feel left out if she didn't have an 'A' name. My MIL's youngest sister's name is Charlie and the other sisters are Myra, Mary and Melissa. *shrug*

    Have fun at the game(and you are NOT old)!!!

  2. You DID post on your birthday! Way to go! And have a very happy day! Enjoy the game...hope its warmer than here.

  3. Lol! Yes, my grandpa did that same thing. My grandma had 7 kids. I think every one except the last one was a drop-off deal... Pfft. Men.

    Happy Birthday! :)

  4. I smiled when I flipped the calendar and was reminded of your birthday.

    Happy day!

    You are not old. Just think about Anonymous and me. We're both ahead of you.

  5. It may be your birthday, but I just got a gift! I found your blog! After only 2 1/2 hours! Whoo-hooo! I hope you got something besides "just the game"! =)

  6. You are not old. I am turning 40 in 24 days!

  7. man, paige, you are old!!! bahahaha! well, let me say that you are one stylish, dignified, crazy, joyful, passionate, jesus-lovin, fun 38 year old. i hope you had a great birthday! sorry the sec game didn't turn out like you hoped but maybe it was still fun... :) love ya!