Friday, December 31, 2010

A lot of Nothing

While we were in Atlanta, Caroline got to take Lanie to get her hair done at the American girl store.

Since we have returned home from celebrating Christmas with Mark's family, we have been doing a lot of nothing.

We put up the Christmas decorations.

We cleaned up the loot from Christmas.

We have played our new Wii games.

And apparently, Will has avoided all cameras. :)

This is Caroline totally in the Christmas spirit!

This is Mark trying to get out of the driveway in his snow covered car. :)
We took my car to the dealer to have a noise looked at and afterwards, Daddy treated us to lunch at Steak and Shake. Be jealous Leigh Ann!
When we returned home, Caroline got out the guitar and her microphone and began singing and strumming away. She SO wants to be a singer/songwriter/performer. I think she looks pretty cute and she writes some great songs about her very eventful five year old life. :)

Happy New Year's Eve to you all!

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  1. I was just telling the hubby about the American Girl in ATL. I told him it's probably someplace we'll end up in a couple years. haha! A friend of mine in B'ham takes his daughter all the time.

    I ♥ Steak -n- Shake! :) You really can't go back to IckDonald's after you've had Steak -n- Shake.

    Your little singer/songwriter/performer is ADORABLE!

    Happy New Year's Eve!

  2. Love the photos of Caroline! She is a born performer! Can't wait to get her album!