Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday--fail

I am a failure again...I am sorry. We were home sick on Sunday...we had a snow day on Monday (with no snow...haha...I LOVE the south) and I forgot to take pictures on other days. Tis the season, right? The season to forget!!!!!!! Sorry!

Here it goes...linking up with Linds at the Pleated Poppy...join is not as hard as I make it look! :)

My first is my fav for obvious reasons. I am a teacher...and I am not all about the theme sweaters...but this is one shirt I am lovin'. My friend Kristy made it for me and you WILL see it again in the next few WIWWs.

Long sleeved white tee- Old Navy
T-shirt--handmade for me
skirt: Ann Taylor
leggings: Gap
boots: Uggs
and for your viewing pleasure...more pics of the shirt!
this one is because I had someone ask me what I looked like because the camera is always in my face. :) Here you go. Not too bad of a hair day...right Genn...(please say yes!)?
Look....even Caroline has one!!!!

haha...look at how my leggings are not even...cuz I did not have my long warm socks on it...goof ball.
shirt: gap
tunic: belk
leggings: old navy
invisible boots: Uggs
Me helping Caroline get her "Christmas on" at a craft making party!
shirt: old navy
gray tunic: Ann Taylor
Scarf: ???
Jeans: Ann Taylor
boots: three guesses and the first two don't count...Uggs.

Pajama Day at school and 15 degrees outside. Southerners don't do well in cold and I had no pajamas thick enough to keep me sweatpants and a spirit shirt for me...I know... you are jealous! Try to contain yourselves.

I will leave you with my favorite birthday present I received this year...
A PURPLE Coach purse!!! Thanks mom! You rock!

What have you been up and let me see!!!

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  1. Nice purple bag! Awesome present! I like the pic of you helping your daughter. So cute!

  2. I love that Belk tunic on you, so pretty and unique! And that is an amazing purple Coach purse, love it!

  3. What to wear with a purple purse??? Love it! Can't wait to see how you pull an outfit together.

  4. I want to see more pics with your camera not in front of your beautiful face too!

    Cute hair girl.

  5. I love the hand on the hip action. :) And I'm so glad it's Wednesday so you could post again. Mom's birthday lasted a looooooong time in blogging world.
    Miss you -

  6. That Christmas tee is really awesome! Love that it's Christmas and classy cool.

  7. Paige, I just love your comments!! They always make my day!

    What a super cute shirt your friend made you!! Love your daughters too. And Happy Birthday to you! Fuh-AB-U-lous new Coach bag too btw. :)