Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Let me apologize to those of you coming from Lindsey's blog...that picture is awful...don't know what happened to it since it is the same one as that one over there on the right...

Anyway, I love What I Wore Wednesday that Lindsey hosts each week. Link up and check out the other outfits. I am seeing a lot of repeats here Anonymous, the answer to your question is yes...I obviously repeat outfits.

pink shirt that looks white: old navy
vest: j.jill
scarf: old navy
Jeans: buckle
boots: Ariat (ebay-last year)
Jewelry: Silpada

Long sleeved black shirt: gap
gray sweater: Ann Taylor
Jeans: Ann Taylor
Jewelry: Silpada

This was my Saturday around the house outfit. If I had left the house (which I did not), then I would have added a belt (which I did not).

Tent looking shirt: Old Navy (it was my apple picking shirt...LOL)
Jeans: Ann Taylor

Striped shirt: Target
Dress: Kohls
Boots: ??? Old as the hills so no idea
Scarf: j.jill
Jewelry: Silpada

white shirt: old navy
purple shirt: old navy (not liking the frumpy look of this)
pants: LOFT
shoes I eventually put on: Lindsay Phillips snap shoes

black shirt: old navy
gray shirt: belk
black pants: Ann Taylor
boots: Uggs
Jewelry: mostly Silpada
Bracelet: gift from a friend this week...better picture below

Can't wait to see everyone's cute clothes this week. Link up and join us--I promise it's fun!

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  1. You look adorable!

  2. So fun.
    I love your comment about not liking one look. That's how I feel when I look at certain pics. It so shows how different outfits really affect 'the look' for good or bad.

    Um, yeah, I'm in big ol repeat mode too.

    Tell 'anonymous' I said hello.

  3. Paige you are so cute! You don't even need my inspiration! you inspired me this week! I love yoru polka dot scarf from ON. Love your Ann Taylor sweater. Love your dress from Kohl's with the striped shirt underneath...great idea...and those boots...great outfit. And the shirts with belts are so cute. They really flatter you and make you look so put together!

    Love your new Christmas blog look too!
    Happy Holidays Paige!
    Maybe I'll incorporate some hair tips next week. ;)

  4. that b/w striped shirt might disappear!

  5. good gravy what a cute blog you have! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog- I had to hop over here to tell you that I'm a teacher too. I teach music at a primary school and see almost 800 little K, 1st, and 2nd graders every week. What do you teach? And who did your blog design, because good gravy did i mention it was cute??

  6. Oodles of cuteness going on! My favorite is your layered black dress with the striped shirt and boots--oh and I really like how you wear belts with several of your tops. I need to find my courage and try that.

    There's nothing wrong with repeats--that's reality AND your repeats are CUTE.

  7. love your apple picking shirt (i'm really into plaid this year!) and the cute black and gray outfit with the striped shirt!