Friday, January 14, 2011

A small glimpse of our mental state

I would have totally added these to yesterday's post if I had seen them in time...but since I didn't here you go. Pictures that tell it all for the great state of Georgia. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me...

I don't know if the words are blurry to you like they are to me (could be my state of mind) but if you click on the picture below a clearer version pops up! :)
And just think....this is day 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tuesday, the forecast says it is gonna be 52...I am busting out my flip flops!

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  1. my freshman year at Carolina it snowed about an inch on monday and then threatened to snow every day after that. and they cancelled school for a week. it was crazy how much the town shut down for threats of snow - it would be crazy to be there in all that snow! :) hope you're staying warm & sane!

  2. Does it help to know my driveway and front walk are still a solid sheet of ice after four days? Every time I pull in my wheels spin. I evidently left some rubber on the ice! How is that possible. I almost have it. Just put it in low and coast in. No accelerating. No braking. Goodness. Who knows when it will melt?

  3. It has all melted down in middle GA, but it is still pretty cold! I'm ready for spring!!!

  4. Oh no!!! snowed in... means online shopping and hanging out in the uggs... hang in there!