Thursday, January 13, 2011


I don't know if you have heard or not but it snowed in the south on Sunday. The snow storm was so bad that it even shut down the major city of Atlanta. Yeah...Atlanta! I know. Crazy, right? Well, can you imagine the poor smaller cities and towns around Atlanta...they must have come to a standstill.

I have it from a great source that those towns actually did come to a standstill...I trust that source completely. She I have been stuck in my house since Sunday! WITH MY KIDS!!!!!! :)

I think I am getting house know like bed sores only they are caused by the whole house and being trapped here!

Here are some pictures of our snow:

We have been playing in the snow...we have been watching movies...we have been playing in the snow...we have been watching know...random per view should really release lots of kids movies to the regions snowed in because we moms are dying here!!!!!!! Funny sidebar: both my mom and anonymous called me before the blizzard (ha!) to ask me if I had enough popcorn and hot that serious blizzard food? We did...and thankfully on the popcorn front since we have been watching some serious movies.

But we have tired of the electronics in the house and so last night, Caroline boycotted TV for Barbies....
Will grabbed a BOOK (yes, a book) and chose to read instead of watch basketball (Mark, however, you see in the background has had to work all week --- he has four wheel drive --- and so he went for the TV) picture of me but I was reading as well. :) It is a sad state of affairs when we ditch the TV for education...we have obviously been cooped up way too long! :)
Mark did take us out last night for dinner because me and the kids were starting to talk in secret code and hand motions and I think quite frankly we were scaring him and I found this sign and thought of myself, my sister Leigh Ann, my mom, my dad and maybe my brother but I can't remember if he gave coffee up because of heartburn!
I think I am going to live on the edge today and get in my minivan with my two kids and in our secret language we are going to plan a day out of the house...because if we don't, I think we might actually go crazy.

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  1. LOVE this post! and love you. Glad you got out of the house today!

  2. i am in snow day(s) envy!

    i want to be stuck in my house with pride&prejudice and popcorn?

  3. I love it! I feel like that all winter here! The sign is so true of me.

  4. Haha - this is such a funny post! I bet you are going insane! Fortunately we lucked out and didn't get anything here. Love the picture of Will reading and your comment!