Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Wore and a Possible Giveaway and a Guest!

We had a great last week of vacation. I am sad it is over.

I did not have the energy or social calendar to get dressed in anything other than sweats on Wednesday and Thursday. I am not sure why...but there you have it. I am not proud of it, just honest!

Friday we went to the Georgia Dome-AGAIN. To watch South Carolina lose AGAIN. It was really not as much fun as it sounds. :)

Now, Caroline...she had it all going on...she picked her outfit out on Thursday. She said, and I quote, "I want to sparkle from head to toe." She totally rocked it, don't you think?
Saturday I took the kids to see "Gulliver's Travels"...I recommend waiting for the DVD. My kids thoroughly enjoyed though. and then I went shopping. I don't usually go shopping on Sunday because I usually take a nap...but in the picture on the left you see those brown boots? Well, Mark told me they look like elf shoes. I don't think they look like elf shoes but he won't quit about them. I thought they might grow on him but they haven't. So, I say, if you want them, let me know. size 8.5.
Monday was my last day of break. (are you weeping with me) The kids and I kept it low key and went and bought "Despicable Me" and hung out at home, eating popcorn and goofing off. And those boots in the picture? My new ones I found on Sunday. And Mark's comment? "They are kinda cowboyish, huh?" So I guess the million dollar question is which is better--elf or cowboy? :)
I started back to work...yuck! I wish this time was not already here but it will be good to be back in a routine (it will, won't it?). ;)

I got my hair cut last night and my friend Julie and I were talking about WIWW and she was saying something to the effect of, "I think I am addicted to WIWW! I can't wait for Wednesday each week!" I convinced her to let me take her picture...thanks Julie!

I am linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy!

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  1. Tell your husband that you are just going to keep buying boots until you finds one that he likes! One can never have enough boot in my opion....elf or cowboy.

  2. LOL on the elf comment - I don't think they look elfy, but I do wear an 8.5 if you want me to try and see what I think in person - LOL :)
    Love the Lindsay Phillips shoes and your little one SPARKLES wonderfully, that is a similar convo in our house!
    I also really like the church to shopping transition!

    You friend Julie has cute hair!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. You look cute as always! I really love the hats & special guests!

  4. Okay, so cute as always. You can totally wear hats. Love that. And Elf shoes???? What is that about? One time hubby told me my sweater looked like Bert's from Sesame Street. I wasn't a happy camper :o)
    And Caroline!!!! My word she is gorgeous! Those sparkles fit her perfect!

  5. Your daughter is super cute!! I don't know..I like both pairs of boots, especially the Madden's!!

  6. How sweet of Julie, and she looks great. Caroline, Julie . . . who's next? Great looks all week!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, the hiking in the snow was cold! :) Your daughter is adorable and I LOVE your boots!!

  8. Hi paige, how very cute. You even have the little Diva and a guest, all of whom look super cute too.

  9. wow! caroline has some style! yeow, girl - must get it from her mommy!

  10. Ah! Love the outfits from everyone! How neat to have a guest model! What a great idea!

  11. Oh my gosh!! Your friend Julie has such cute hair!! I wonder if she hears that all the time? I wonder if her friends are sick of hearing it because no one says anything to them when they are standing RIGHT BESIDE HER?!?! Hello......we have hair, too. Just sayin......ha! Too funny!!

    Love you, Paige!!

  12. Love the boots - can't really see the elfish-ness. I think a close up, follow-up pic is needed. And if Mark really needs to rag on someone's clothing choices, shouldn't it be mine?! And I could never get enough of Caroline. Love her love her love her!

  13. Hi Paige!

    Love your movie outfit! And those Madden Girl boots are great.
    Your daughter is adorable!
    And your friend Julie is also so cute!

    PS- Glad you already know about #18 hairspray. It's a good one! :)

  14. Caroline looks so adorable and that is so funny what she said!

  15. Boots? Need a closer pic, I don't see 'elfie.'

    Caroline? Completely stinkin' adorable.

    Julie's hair? OMW! Wish my hair was that cute!

    Your hair? I still want to see it. I bet it's cute too!