Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

OH MY! Snow, snow everywhere. I know that for those of you from snowy states, you are laughing at us southerners, and I am ok with that. We are not used to all. And our city has like maybe 2 snow getting out after almost 9 inches of snow still has not happened. We have, however, kept the power on and that, my friends, is a modern day miracle! Here is a picture of my car and front yard the morning after the big snow.

Now onto WIWW.
I love this new top. I got a gift certificate from Chicos for Christmas. That store is expensive and I probably would not have gone in there without the gift card...but I am glad I did.
Friday is jeans day if you wear school spirit wear. I hate that I can't wear what I want with jeans, but it was worth it to wear jeans. Not much to look sorry.
Both kids had basketball on Saturday (which, incidentally, will be my next 9 Saturdays as well). Comfort was key as well as warmth--apparently heat is not something the gyms pay for on Saturdays...brrrr!
I missed Sunday...don't know how/why. Sunday night the snow came hard and fast. At midnight, my snow-kid husband was out sledding in it...such fun. We had no school Monday so comfort was my MO!
I wore my cool new hat out to play in the snow...and loved it. I even got complimented while throwing snow balls with neighbors! Thanks April!
Once my kids decided they wanted to venture out into the snow (you would DIE laughing if I told you how I kept their feet warm and dry...) I had to layer I grabbed some of Mark's clothes and off we went.
More snow and no school...again! The outfit above was repeated when we went sledding with the neighbors but underneath, this is what I looked like. Hats are my new best friend since I got my hair cut and the layers are killing me. I feel like an 80's rocker...
I leave a lot to be desired...sorry! Snow brings out the warm, comfy clothes...

Happy Wednesday...and link up...I want to see what you have on!

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  1. SO sorry you are dealing with all that snow! You looks so cute! I love the hats!

  2. OH wow that is a lot of snow!! Yikes!

    You look so cute as always Paige. I love your new Chico's shirt! That store has really nice things. And your hats so cute!!!

  3. Hi! I like Thurday's outfit with the chico's top!

  4. We had snow too (but not as much as you!) love your Thursday outfit!! Very cute :)

  5. Love the new hat! No snow here, just really, really cold!

  6. love your snow outfits - LOL and you are so cute in hats - I think I look awful - partially because of short hair you can't see my hair in hats - but they look so cute on you!

  7. Hi Paige from Paige! Loving your hat!

  8. Snow! I love snow & that hat of yours.

    Thanks for your blog support! Good luck on the giveaway.

    Just Better Together

  9. Seems we had similar weeks!

    I love the day with the April hat because we got to see your beautiful face! Let's see more. :-)

  10. Love your first outfit and I'm over the snow here!!!

  11. LOVE that hat! I have been living in hats too these past two weeks since I got my hair hightlighted and it turned out AWFUL! Haha! Am so glad it is winter and I can just cover it up.