Saturday, February 5, 2011

Passion or Glory?

I spend a lot of time in my car.

Any of you know what I am talking about?

I feel like we go, go, go all the time. We are off to school, sports, church, birthday parties...our TV in the car? It broke. A long time ago. We have been listening to lots of music and talking.

Now, on the positive side of this, we are at least passed the phase where we have to listen to The Wiggles...but for Caroline we are stuck in the Taylor Swift stage. Whew. We may or may not survive this. For Will, it is music with a good beat, cool lyrics, or just any song he can sing along with...he is so easy. :)

The other day, as we left the house looking like this:

headed to the gym for basketball games, Will requested a song that would "pump him up" for his game.

So I, of course, chose "Eye of the Tiger". Dun. know you love it. Anyway, we were just singing along...all pumped up and ready to rise to the challenge and then I heard a line in the song that caught my attention.

"So many times, it happens so fast-You change your passion for glory."

" change your passion for glory..."

Passion..."an outburst of strong emotion or feeling"...we all have things we are passionate about. What are your passions? I have strong feelings toward college basketball...I would probably say it is a passion for me...

I can remember a time when I had a passion for serving God. I made promises to God. I made promises to myself. I was on top of the world. Then, I don't know, life got in the way, I guess. Or maybe...

I changed my passion for glory.

There isn't much human glory in serving. No one remembers you as the servant. No one wants the servants autograph. No one even knows the name of the servant. Behind the scenes doesn't really get noticed. And everyone wants to be appreciated and noticed, right?

So we change...we start to "make a name for ourselves" and we enjoy the small spotlight. I mean, who am I kidding...I teach school. No one asks me for my autograph...I am not Teacher of the Decade so my name is not known around the world. But my selfish nature says I can at least be known in my small sphere.

But why? I don't really like the spotlight brightly shining on me...maybe cast me a little light to the side every now and then, but what is the purpose? To bring ME glory? Unfortunately, yes. And then I realize that the line in the song is true...I changed my passion for serving God to glory for me.

And let's face glory isn't helping anyone...I think it might be time to let go of the small glory I seek and go back to my passion...

So, what is it for you...passion or glory?

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  1. Great insight, Paige! Thanks for the "heads up" on the post. I love your passion for Him and His glory. I'm praying for you.