Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I got my haircut on Tuesday. Well, not much was cut, mostly the gray pieces were covered up. But, due to a scheduling mishap, I had to take Will and Caroline with me (I know...horrible!). I told Will to save his homework to do while we were there and I had Caroline bring markers and paper to color.

I was sitting under the heater/dryer thing and she brought over a cute picture of the family that she drew (she had to edit the picture though because she left me bald...) and then she brought this to me:

Me: What is this one? (I was thinking a heart...)

Caroline: (she smiles real big, takes a deep breath and says...) It is a man's head and it has knives sticking out everywhere and that red is the blood.

Me: (I think I may have gasped and then looked around to see if anyone heard her say that, and then I said...) Honey, I am not sure that is what we should be drawing (I am screaming in my head, "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM??).

Caroline: (without missing a beat...not even half a beat, shrugs her shoulders and she says...) OK. How about it's a tasty apple?

and she skips off to draw more family pictures.


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  1. I LOVE HER!!!!...and I won't charge you for counseling when she's older (for her, not you!!)