Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Life He Took

Times have been stressful here in my house--in my physical house and in the house I call my heart. Wrestling with God could be the understatement of the week--to me anyway. None of it surprised God though. And in His loving, infinite grace, He wrestled me back down to a posture of humility before Him and held me close. Then, as He so often does, He finished a phrase He had given me at the end of last week...the phrase was "The Life He Took." I thought I knew where this was going...oh how I did not.

The Life He Took

He looked at all the destruction around, all the sin, the death, the lies.
He knew the people would never be clean, no matter how hard they tried.
The sacrifices were given to Him but over time they would still not suffice.
How could He gain their full attention, to tell them how much He valued their lives?

After taking stock of the situation, His eyes fell on the only thing pure.
Though it tugged at His heart, for it was His Beloved, He knew it was the only cure.
For the people had become bitter, angry, jealous and unclean.
He knew what their future would hold, for He knows all that remains unseen.

He loved the people too much to leave them to die in their own wicked ways.
So He nodded to His Beloved and said, "I need you to go, be their saving grace."
And He sent to the evil people a life that had not ever sinned.
And He watched as they mocked and ridiculed and eventually crucified His Gift to them.

And yet that's not where the story ends, for that is not the life He took.
You see He raised that Gift back to life just like He said He would in His Good Book.
No, the life He took was one of hurt, one of despair and loneliness.
He took pain, regret, guilt, hate, inadequacies and bitterness.

He took the impure, He took the unrighteous and covered them in the blood of grace.
He rinsed them clean in the light of salvation and they can now look on His loving face.
He gave life back to the dying, He gave hope to the one who had none.
He took the life of a wretched sinner and replaced it with the Light of His Only Son.

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  1. That's powerful, Paige. Thank you for being sensitive and available. God has used this poem in my life today, and you may hear it again soon (with your permission, of course).