Sunday, April 10, 2011

As Quick as it Started, It is Gone...

So, as you are reading this, we are probably on the way home from a great Spring Break. It has been lots of driving...but worth it.

Saturday was busy!

We started out early to cheer Anonymous on in her 10 mile race. We were such a proud family! I think the race coordinators had to tell us to move back about 100...we were just so excited to see her come down the home stretch! I am so proud of her!

The girls were glad to get home from the cold race, so they could change into cool clothes and play dress up, put on make-up, wear cowboy boots, be sassy and have a blast!

I helped make the teeny-tiny footballs for the cupcakes...and Anonymous made the cake! She is so talented. I do NOT have the patience for this kinda thing!
Then it was on to the birthday party AT the North Carolina Spring Football Game. The kids sat in a box to watch the game, ate pizza and cake and got to tour the whole football facility as if they were a recruit! It was awesome. At the end of the tour, we walked down to the field and watched them miss a field goal!!!! It didn't matter--to see it from that vantage point was awesome!!!
I will NEVER be able to top this party for my kids...I hope by September that Will has forgotten all about this experience.

It was amazing though!

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  1. we could not have done anything on Saturday without you! Thank you for being here and working so hard on your vacation. One of these days, visiting my house will be a relaxing experience...promise....we may be 80 but we'll totally relax!!

  2. So much fun! I thought of you guys yesterday while driving through CH.

    Way to go Anonymous!!!

    Great pics Paige.

  3. It looks like soooo much fun and it is making me miss Chapel Hill looking at these pics. And oh my - I can't believe how old Anonymous's kids are getting. I think its been like five years since I saw them and they look so grown up. How does that happen?

  4. Hi Paige!
    Sounds like you had a nice spring break. :)
    It's always hard to get back to the grind. Good luck!!