Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to the Best Parents!!

Today is my parent's 44th Wedding Anniversary...well, actually today is their 44th Anniversary, their WEDDING anniversary is actually in June! :) They eloped (isn't that so romantic?) 44 years ago and then planned a great church wedding for June 17th. I am not sure who knows the whole story, but I do. And since I am the only one in my family with a blog, I thought I would write about it. :)

My parents met while my mom was teaching and my dad was stationed in NC with the Army. My mom was seriously dating a guy and he was ready to pop the question to her when one of her roommates asked her to go out on a blind date with a soldier. Dad was hooked right away, mom was slightly more cautious but she was smitten too! It was only 10 weeks later when they eloped...When you know-you know!! :)

My parents, regardless of when, how or why they got married are two of the greatest people I know. And in an age where divorce seems to be the norm, 44 years is quite an accomplishment. They have been a loving example of a Godly marriage for me, my sisters and my brother. I am so thankful that God chose them to be my parents!

Happy Anniversary y'all!

I love you!

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