Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen!

Today is the glorious day that Jesus shows just how great and mighty He is by conquering the grave and becoming our risen Savior!

Happy Easter to you all. May the power of the resurrection live in you today and everyday. I will leave you with a poem God gave me last year on Easter. I hope it blesses you!


He rode victorious, He smiled and He waved.
He knew He’d soon become the one who had to save.
He healed the folks, He touched their hearts.
He did it all knowing they soon would have to part
He ate with friends, He spoke of the coming time.
He said one would betray Him and a kiss would be the sign.
He prayed all night to His Father, for the cup to pass Him by.
Knowing full it would not, knowing full the reason why.

He was captured, tried, found guilty, He was mocked and He was scorned.
He was beaten so severely, He was crowned with a ring of thorns.
He was made to carry His own cross, He stumbled to that place.
His hands and feet nailed to the wood, His heart still full of grace.

He was stabbed, He was taunted, His pain He could not hide.
He was left upon that cruel cross, left until he died.
He was buried, He was gone, so the rulers thought that day.
He was finished, it was over and they went back to selfish ways.


Then the ground began to shake as the King came bursting through.
From the very pit of hell He rose to prove His words were true.
The rock could not hold Him and Death realized He’d not died.
The angels’ shouts of victory lit up the once dark and gloomy sky.

He is Risen, He’s Alive, He is the Conqueror, He is King.
He walks victoriously with us now providing our everything.
The ground could not contain the Love of a Father and a Son.
O, Praise God He is alive today-He is Risen and we have won!

Much Love,

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  1. AMEN!
    This is beautiful, May I print this poem to frame?