Saturday, May 14, 2011


Change. Defined as "to become different; to become altered or modified; to transform."

Change is a hard thing. Change can bring with it anxiety, loneliness, separation and fear. The fear of change is what keeps many people right where they are.

I have a poster on my wall in my classroom that says, "If you always do what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always gotten."

Change requires strength. Change requires faith. And change is required of us. We are not made to be a people who stay the same.

We change our size. We change our education level. We change our marital status. We change houses. We change clothes. We change schools. We change our minds. We change in our relationship with our loving, Heavenly Father.

We change a lot without even noticing it or attempting to stop it. So why is change that is planned so much harder to swallow? Is it because we might not have a say in the said change?

I remember when my husband and I moved to the town we currently live in. It was 13 years ago. We lived in Atlanta in a tiny apartment--but I was happy. Big towns don't scare me. But Mark hates them. He worked in downtown Atlanta and I taught school in Gwinnett County--about 30 miles away from our little apartment. I was the one (at first) doing all the driving and I was OK with that. Then Mark started traveling to manage some jobs going on in our current town. He traveled A LOT. That was OK because he got paid to travel. :)

We began to look for a house to buy and I was all excited because we were going to "put down some roots." We had made an offer on a house...I was waiting at the real estate office for Mark to get there so we could sign our contract. It was an exciting day!! I wanted to go ahead and sign my name. Then the phone rang. And my real estate agent came to me and said, "Put the pen down. We need to wait for Mark."

Yeah....well, we obviously didn't buy that house that day. He walked in and told me he was offered a job in our current town (that I had never seen but deemed it a po-dunk, barely two stoplight kinda town) and he couldn't turn it down. I didn't want to move. Putting down roots was exciting to me since I moved every 3 years while growing up. And I wanted to put down roots near Atlanta.

What I didn't know was that God wanted us to put down roots somewhere else. Somewhere I did not want to be. Somewhere small. Somewhere very far away from family. Somewhere I HAD NOT CHOSEN!!!

But He has blessed us in that change in more ways than you would want to read about here. :) And that is usually how it works. We drag our feet against the change only to realize that once we let go, the God ordained change is amazing.

Our precious church is going through some changes right now in how we use our music to worship God. And this change is rocking the worlds of many of our members. It is a change our pastor, staff and deacons have all prayed about and all feel God sensing us to do. But remember, change is hard. So, will you pray for us and with us that we can move passed the fear and passed the attitude of "No one consulted ME before they did this." and make this change in a way that is honoring and glorifying to God?

Change is hard. But it is not necessarily bad.

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  1. Change is very hard and not too many people are good with it. I will certainly keep your church in my prayers. ;) Can I ask what they are doing w/the music that would cause such a ruckus?

  2. Thank you Paige for posting this. I was approached by a gentleman that formerly attended our church. He asked what I thought of the situation in an almost laughing way, saying that he had received many phone calls from current church members. I told him that I liked that the devil was at work. His mouth dropped open. And I concluded that I liked it because that meant God was at work. And thru my eyes, the devil only hits hard when God is at work because if God isn't at work then why would the devil have to work to take down God's people? Clear as mud? I thought so. ;) We are praying for God to continue the work He has started until the return of Christ. Love you