Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

15 Years? Really? Has it really been that long? I adapted the poem You Are My I Love You by Maryann K Cusimano for my Anniversary post to my wonderful husband!

He looks thrilled to be married to me, doesn't he? :)

You are my husband, I am your wife.
You are my Disneyland, I am your nightlife.
You are my mountains, I am your beach.
You are my constant, I am your reach.

You are my laughter, I am your cry.
You are my "what if", I am your "why."
You are my saver, I am your buyer.
You are my predictable, I am your spitfire.

You are my goofy, I am your serious.
You are my "thinker", I am your "let's discuss."
You are my practical, I am your dreamer.
You are my minivan, I am your beemer. :)

You are my last minute, I am your planner.
You are my one word, I am your banner.
You are my honest, I am your woo.
You are my dream, I am your "I love you."

Love you babe! Happy 15 Years!!!

Here is Caroline's drawing of our wedding...from left to right that is Mark, then Caroline (with buns in her hair AND as my flower girl), me (with Princess Lea buns in MY hair) and Will (who was walking me down the aisle). :) Love her!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You've come a long way, baby! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary Paige! Here's to 15 million more.... :)

  3. paige, this is AWESOME!

    i admire the genius to create this, and the words...terrific. a perfect description of the complete mysteriously/wonderful opposites we are to our spouses.

    happy 15th anniversary
    to you both <3!!!

    (we're just a few months shy of you celebrating in september).

  4. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Paige!! You guys are a cute couple!

  5. Hi Paige!
    Thanks for the bday wishes!
    My new shades are from nordstrom! :)