Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day


It was the one name I always wanted to be called.

It is the hardest job I have ever had.

I have only held that title for 8 and a half years. But they have been the best eight and a half years of my life.

I have had some total full circle moments as a mom. Full circle meaning that my mom now finds too much joy in saying, "It's payback, Paige. He/she is just like you were."


Waking up early on Saturday mornings and wanting to immediately make sure that my mom and dad knew what kind of day it I woke them EARLY! Sorry mom.

I always thought going to bed before 10:30 was so uncool. Now, I am so excited if I am in bed BY 10:30 and if it is before then I almost can't contain my joy. Sorry mom.

Watching cartoons was so much fun (even if I did have to wait til Saturday morning for them to come on). I was always so upset when they were over...and even more upset when mom would send me outside to play. Now, I understand. Sorry mom.

Fridays were always cleaning days...we could not go anywhere if our rooms were not clean. I often tried to pretend I had cleaned (cramming things in almost any empty space, clean clothes in the dirty clothes basket, turning on the vacuum cleaner but not pushing it around the room). Now, I have to FIGHT my kids to clean their rooms. Sorry mom.

I complained a lot about dinner. I wanted hotdogs and mac and cheese or pizza for dinner, but never EVER asked for spinach or broccoli. I whined and moaned and groaned about eating my dinner (but NEVER about my dessert). Sorry mom.

I sat behind my mom in the car and I often, I am sure without even thinking, may have inadvertently kicked her seat. SO SO sorry mom!

I talked non-stop. And I do mean non-stop. Sorry mom. From the absolute bottom of my heart I AM SO, SO SORRY!

I did not say enough "please", "thank you" or "can I help?" Sorry mom.

I was a rude, rude teenager. I haven't hit this age with my own kids yet but if these past 8 years are any indication of "what goes around, comes around", then mom, I am on my knees saying I am so sorry!

I think the only way I can keep trudging along in this motherhood thing (besides, you know, the mere fact that I love my kids with all of my heart) is that now, in my life, my mom still loves me and better than that, I am crazy about her (I pray that falls under payback too...).

She is so much fun to be around...she laughs easily, she defends her grandchildren, she loves her family with all she has and she has been such a great example of wife, sister, mom and daughter. I pray that I can be even half the mom she is to me.

Thank you mom. Thank you for the clean clothes, the home-cooked meals, the late nights, the early mornings, the endless hours of prayers, the giggles when you are punchy, the shopping trips, the mac and cheese recipe, the advice and the example you have always been for me.

I am truly blessed because out of all of the moms in the world, I got the best one.

I love you mom!

Happy Mother's Day!

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