Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Linking up late with Lindsay and What I Wore Wednesday!

white tee: Ann Taylor
Gray Shirt: Matilda Jane
White pants: Coldwater Creek

Tank: Costco
Teal shirt: Boutique at the beach
Jeans: LOFT

Gray Tee-LOFT
Pink sweater-GAP
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Naturalizer

Jean tunic: Old Navy
Leggings: GAP
Shoes: Lindsay Phillips

Tank: Calvin Klein (worn backwards so higher up)
Pink shirt: Loft Outlet
Pants: NY& Co
shoes: Naturalizer

L/S tee: Target
Dress: Loft
Boots: Ariat

Black and white tank: Ann Taylor
Jacket: mom gave me
Jeans: Buckle
shoes: Naturalizer (they are my favs)

Brown pants and Jacket: Shop at the beach
Teal shirt: LOFT
shoes: Rack Room

Link up! It's fun!!!

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  1. Great looks! Our 14th wedding anniversary was May 18th.

  2. Really pretty outfits. I love you in bright colors.

  3. Cute as always! :) And it's Wednesday and guess who forgot???

  4. your smile lights up a room too paige! i can see that in your pix as well.

    i NEED the denim tunic (looks so cozy) and your BOOTS!

  5. I have enjoyed looking around your page (love the name). Really cute outfits and I enjoy the "realness" of the background too.

  6. Ooh, I LOVE your first outfit - so summery! Sorry you've got the bummer weather going on this coming week too... and have to work on top of it? LAME :( Hope you still enjoy the weekend!

  7. Love your first outfit! As always, you look gorgeous! Love you! Enjoy your last few hours of school!! Summer's almost here, can you taste it???? :)

  8. I love that you post so many different outfits! Plus they are all adorable. I am loving the hot pink sweater from Gap! So cute!