Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grandma Rocks!

We are at my mom and dad's house and yesterday was an overcast, kinda blah day. I was content to stay home and read...but the kids wanted to do something "fun"! What is a tired mom to do?


She jumped in and handed the girls coloring books and crayons/colored pencils and she got out a puzzle for the boys...and they were occupied for AN HOUR! That is like a week's vacation in mom time!

Then, to top it off, she cooked the bomb dinner of italian chicken in the crock pot with the BEST sauce ever, rice, green beans and garlic bread.

I love being at mom's...

Where was grandpa, you ask? Well, he had gotten up super early to go kayaking down the river nearby and had plum worn himself he needed a nap. He was sleeping so hard I am not even sure he knew how close to falling off the couch he was...look at those sunglasses--they had fallen right off of his shirt. :)

Later that night we drove to my nephew's baseball game to cheer him on. I managed to capture a rare moment of sibling love...
Have I mentioned how much I love summer?

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Have We Been Doing?

We left last week for the great state of North Carolina. We had to leave daddy behind to work, and we really miss him. But we have been having a blast!

This is just crossing into North Carolina capturing why they call them The Great Smoky this state!

We showed up at Anonymous' house and the girls went right to their creative side!

Will went to basketball camp at Uncle H's camp...he loved it!
I FINALLY got to see my brother in law Mike...he returned from Afghanistan in November and this was my first chance to see him. He spoke to the campers about the importance of communication. He is so that he is back!!
Then, we left the great state of North Carolina and headed to the great state of South Carolina!
Riding to the pool (in the neighborhood) in the back of Grandpa's truck is a summer favorite every year!
We took the kids to see Cars 2. After the movie I spotted Anthropolgie...having NEVER been in one before (a travesty in my mind), I sprinted toward it (not really). I was in love from the first look...but I got called out before I could do any damage... :(
I have been sitting on the back porch at mom and dad's watching golfers and listening to Caroline talk (the other morning it was about the dangers of golf...ha!).
We have been spending some time at the beach....Caroline was dancing. She said she was using the music of the waves to dance! :)
Cousins are one of our MOST FAVORITE parts of coming to Grandma's and Grandpa's house!
Then, Tuesday, me, mom and dad went up to Myrtle Beach and saw presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. I have never been to a political rally that features a presidential hopeful so that was cool. I met lots of funny people, one visitor from California, a reporter from Chicago (ok, I did not meet him...I eavesdropped on his interview with a retired NYC cop), a NYC cop who investigated organized crime (cool!) and a man running for state senator but who is currently the DA in Myrtle Beach. His wife was funny. :)
This picture cracks me up. Dad held his flag JUST LIKE THAT the WHOLE time. :) Love that man!
Mom and dad in front of the Michele Bachmann bus. We had fun and laughed a lot...thanks Sarah for keeping all the kids so we could go!
So, there you have it...that is what we have been up to for the past week and a half.

I love summer!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Wore, What Not to Wear and Oh to be Young Again!

It's Wednesday! Yeah! Link up with Lindsey and join the fun.

First up are my What I Wore pictures!

Shorts: NY&Co
Shirt: Costco
flat hair? No excuses

Jeans and shirt: LOFT

Shirt: Ann Taylor
Pants: Kohls

Skirt: Chadwicks
Tank: Ann Taylor
Jacket: LOFT

What NOT to matter where you live!!

saw this in the grocery store...was in shock...but did manage to snap a picture!

And Oh to be young again...and be able to put on ANYTHING and look adorable!!! :)

They got up super early and dressed for Hiphop dancing!!! Yeah us!

Happy Wednesday Yall!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I do not know what kind of father you had...I pray it was a good one. I know you could not have had the best dad ever, because God blessed me with him. What kind of dad is he? Let me tell you.

  • He is the kind of dad who lived a life of sacrifice. He sacrificed his safety to serve his country, his time at home for time to protect this land and his dignity when he danced while driving moving his pointer fingers and trying to look cool. :)
  • He is the kind of dad who who found the good in everyone. He can see passed what everyone else sees and find an endearing quality or trait (except for maybe "Stephen-ie").
  • He is the kind of dad who can see the bright side of almost any situation. Like if you hurt your foot and you have a lot of pain while walking, he will smile at you and tell you, "Well, don't walk on it." :)

  • He is the kind of dad (and grandpa) who shows his kids and grandkids who God is, how powerful He is and all that He can do when you really get to know Him. He is an amazing example of a Christian husband, father and grandpa.
  • He is the kind of dad who can still chase you through the house when you shoot Nerf bullets at him and take you down. He can then walk away and not feel badly that he may or may not have injured you. :)
  • He is the kind of dad who never met a stranger. He is the one who asks himself all of the time why I talk so much but his answer is never far away...he only needs to glance in the mirror. :)

  • He is the kind of dad who supported us no matter what we said we wanted to do. When it was time for me to go to college, I really wanted to go to an expensive one we could not afford. He told me he would take a job as a street sweeper if he needed to in order for me to go...(I didn't, by the way...).
  • He is the kind of dad who loves to laugh, loves to have his family nearby and loves to walk to the Pig and back every day!

  • He is the kind of dad who made us camp all over Europe (like in a TENT)...gave us only one coin for 10 seconds of hot water in the camp bathrooms and timed us when we set up the tent to make sure we always improved on our time.
  • He is the kind of dad who earns the respect of everyone he meets because he is honest and trustworthy and fair.
  • He is the kind of dad who ALWAYS bought popcorn at the movies and has been known to go to home improvement stores just for the pretzels they sold there.
  • He is the kind of dad who has AMAZING shortcuts to get almost anywhere!!!
  • He is the kind of dad I would have created and chosen if God had given me the chance. He knew the dad I would need and He gave me the perfect one.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I sure do love you!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

"I'm an Old Grandpa..."

This is a favorite little chorus of my kids...they walk around with their pants pulled way up (like scary high) and sing, "I'm an old grandpa..." When they walk they kind of hunch over and pretend to be old.

I love that last night we were talking about our upcoming beach trip to see Grandma and Grandpa and Caroline jumped down out of her chair and started the chorus. Will soon joined in (though I think that was more so he would not have to eat the BBQ chicken I fixed for dinner) and even Mark joined in (but would not let me photograph him).

Look out have some competition heading your way!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I am so glad it is Wednesday! I love What I Wore Wednesday. Truthfully, I love it more when I have actually taken pictures of what I wore but I have been gone for 3 weeks so I am just glad to be here with my three little pictures. :) This started as one woman's quest to keep herself out of "comfy clothes" accountability group of sorts. I have shamed her this I have had on comfy clothes and then did not document it. <<<>>>>

Tshirt: Ann Taylor
Skirt: LOFT
Flops: Old Navy

Tank: LOFT
Tshirt: Old Navy
Pants: Beach Boutique
Flops: Rack Room

Shirt: LOFT
Jacket: LOFT outlet
Pants: LOFT

Join's fun. I promise!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sorriest Blogger Award?

Yeah. I know I have been horrible. I don't mean to go weeks in between blogs, and with it being summer I truly thought I would be a blogging fool!

I am exhausted though and cannot put two thoughts I have been silent. But I have picture overload again.

Remember, Anonymous was here last week...we had lots of fun. Have I mentioned that Anonymous is a planner? Have I mentioned that I am not? HaHa! That is always fun to blend together. :)

Our two girls were all about "fashion" (their word) while they were together. I took this picture one morning when we were shopping and I seriously had a lady ask me if they were twins. :) It made me laugh...her reasoning? They were dressed alike. :) :)


They were in heaven...and now Anonymous and I are broke!
On Tuesday night, I woke up with a horrible (and I do mean HORRIBLE) stomach virus. It was so bad that I was only awake Wednesday for about 10 minutes. Awful. Well, Anonymous did an awesome job watching my kids for me. SO thankful she was here, but I felt horrible for her too! Anyway, Thursday, I was feeling better but Gracie, Anonymous' daughter REFUSED to come into my house. She sat on the porch for 45 minutes. :)

Will and Elijah's team won the championship for basketball camp! Thank goodness because NO ONE wanted a repeat of last year!(check out the second picture on this post)

We took Gracie for a haircut! SUCH girls!
Anonymous and her family left early Friday morning and we rested! Then Saturday, me and the kids and my great friend Dusty and her family went to Atlanta for the day. We played in the fountains, played baseball with a ripped up pizza box and an aluminum foil baseball and we laughed...a lot!

Monday, Will started baseball camp and Caroline and I started cleaning out. This was just one trip to get rid of some stuff! Holy cow we gave away about 15 garbage bags of clothes and toys and threw away 3 more garbage bags of junk!

On my way home from delivering some of our goodies, I saw this car. It reminded me of a red version of this that my family had when I was growing up. We traveled the "wild west" in our poptop camper...complete with no heat in the winter. This was the car I threw up on Leigh Ann's head in...such fond memories! :)
Hope something today brings a smile to your face. Sweet memories, new friends, belly laughs. Anything. In my opinion, smiling makes everyone around you better.

Happy Tuesday!

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