Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grandma Rocks!

We are at my mom and dad's house and yesterday was an overcast, kinda blah day. I was content to stay home and read...but the kids wanted to do something "fun"! What is a tired mom to do?


She jumped in and handed the girls coloring books and crayons/colored pencils and she got out a puzzle for the boys...and they were occupied for AN HOUR! That is like a week's vacation in mom time!

Then, to top it off, she cooked the bomb dinner of italian chicken in the crock pot with the BEST sauce ever, rice, green beans and garlic bread.

I love being at mom's...

Where was grandpa, you ask? Well, he had gotten up super early to go kayaking down the river nearby and had plum worn himself he needed a nap. He was sleeping so hard I am not even sure he knew how close to falling off the couch he was...look at those sunglasses--they had fallen right off of his shirt. :)

Later that night we drove to my nephew's baseball game to cheer him on. I managed to capture a rare moment of sibling love...
Have I mentioned how much I love summer?

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