Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I do not know what kind of father you had...I pray it was a good one. I know you could not have had the best dad ever, because God blessed me with him. What kind of dad is he? Let me tell you.

  • He is the kind of dad who lived a life of sacrifice. He sacrificed his safety to serve his country, his time at home for time to protect this land and his dignity when he danced while driving moving his pointer fingers and trying to look cool. :)
  • He is the kind of dad who who found the good in everyone. He can see passed what everyone else sees and find an endearing quality or trait (except for maybe "Stephen-ie").
  • He is the kind of dad who can see the bright side of almost any situation. Like if you hurt your foot and you have a lot of pain while walking, he will smile at you and tell you, "Well, don't walk on it." :)

  • He is the kind of dad (and grandpa) who shows his kids and grandkids who God is, how powerful He is and all that He can do when you really get to know Him. He is an amazing example of a Christian husband, father and grandpa.
  • He is the kind of dad who can still chase you through the house when you shoot Nerf bullets at him and take you down. He can then walk away and not feel badly that he may or may not have injured you. :)
  • He is the kind of dad who never met a stranger. He is the one who asks himself all of the time why I talk so much but his answer is never far away...he only needs to glance in the mirror. :)

  • He is the kind of dad who supported us no matter what we said we wanted to do. When it was time for me to go to college, I really wanted to go to an expensive one we could not afford. He told me he would take a job as a street sweeper if he needed to in order for me to go...(I didn't, by the way...).
  • He is the kind of dad who loves to laugh, loves to have his family nearby and loves to walk to the Pig and back every day!

  • He is the kind of dad who made us camp all over Europe (like in a TENT)...gave us only one coin for 10 seconds of hot water in the camp bathrooms and timed us when we set up the tent to make sure we always improved on our time.
  • He is the kind of dad who earns the respect of everyone he meets because he is honest and trustworthy and fair.
  • He is the kind of dad who ALWAYS bought popcorn at the movies and has been known to go to home improvement stores just for the pretzels they sold there.
  • He is the kind of dad who has AMAZING shortcuts to get almost anywhere!!!
  • He is the kind of dad I would have created and chosen if God had given me the chance. He knew the dad I would need and He gave me the perfect one.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I sure do love you!

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  1. Is it just a coincidence that this post immediately preceeds the previous one. I'm just asking because Bob won't! We enjoyed the day!