Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sorriest Blogger Award?

Yeah. I know I have been horrible. I don't mean to go weeks in between blogs, and with it being summer I truly thought I would be a blogging fool!

I am exhausted though and cannot put two thoughts together...so I have been silent. But I have picture overload again.

Remember, Anonymous was here last week...we had lots of fun. Have I mentioned that Anonymous is a planner? Have I mentioned that I am not? HaHa! That is always fun to blend together. :)

Our two girls were all about "fashion" (their word) while they were together. I took this picture one morning when we were shopping and I seriously had a lady ask me if they were twins. :) It made me laugh...her reasoning? They were dressed alike. :) :)


They were in heaven...and now Anonymous and I are broke!
On Tuesday night, I woke up with a horrible (and I do mean HORRIBLE) stomach virus. It was so bad that I was only awake Wednesday for about 10 minutes. Awful. Well, Anonymous did an awesome job watching my kids for me. SO thankful she was here, but I felt horrible for her too! Anyway, Thursday, I was feeling better but Gracie, Anonymous' daughter REFUSED to come into my house. She sat on the porch for 45 minutes. :)

Will and Elijah's team won the championship for basketball camp! Thank goodness because NO ONE wanted a repeat of last year!(check out the second picture on this post)

We took Gracie for a haircut! SUCH girls!
Anonymous and her family left early Friday morning and we rested! Then Saturday, me and the kids and my great friend Dusty and her family went to Atlanta for the day. We played in the fountains, played baseball with a ripped up pizza box and an aluminum foil baseball and we laughed...a lot!

Monday, Will started baseball camp and Caroline and I started cleaning out. This was just one trip to get rid of some stuff! Holy cow we gave away about 15 garbage bags of clothes and toys and threw away 3 more garbage bags of junk!

On my way home from delivering some of our goodies, I saw this car. It reminded me of a red version of this that my family had when I was growing up. We traveled the "wild west" in our poptop camper...complete with no heat in the winter. This was the car I threw up on Leigh Ann's head in...such fond memories! :)
Hope something today brings a smile to your face. Sweet memories, new friends, belly laughs. Anything. In my opinion, smiling makes everyone around you better.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. FINALLY!! So glad to have you back among the bloggers! Loved the pictures, and the memories. Can't wait to see you next week. I have SO much PLANNED for you!! haha

  2. Such cute pictures of the girls!