Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

I guess that should really say more than just a weekend recap! I have been MIA here lately. The end of the school year is a totally stressful time for me and I tend to shut down during stress. If I could curl up into the fetal position and wait for it all to pass I would. But I can't...however there are things I can avoid and this is one of those things I guess I put off. I did not realize it until my mom asked me why I had not updated my blog lately or was her ipad just not downloading the latest post. :) Sorry mom!

BUT, I have pictures for does that make up for it?

This kid got a medal for all of his hard work in AWANAS this year. He makes me so proud. :)
And this sweet girl finished her Cubbies book for AWANAS and got her certificate!
One of the hardest but proudest days in the last few weeks was Will's Award's Day. I was very proud of him for getting the math medal for his homeroom and for the other awards he received but the hardest part for me was knowing he was now finished with 2nd grade and was going to be in "upper" elementary school next year. He is growing up too fast.
Memorial Day we spent with friends (after I got off of work, yes WORK)...eating and swimming. My kids showed their American pride with their swim wear.
Then, the rest of the week, we played baseball....lots of baseball. Well, let me rephrase that. Will played a lot of baseball and Mark, Caroline and I WATCHED a lot of baseball. His end of the year tournament started Tuesday. He played every night in the 97 degree weather Tuesday thru Saturday. Whew! It was hot! They did well. Came in third...which was much better than any of us thought they would do. :)

We hung out at the pool with friends when the baseball games ended on Saturday. Regardless of how many times I reapplied sunscreen, my children (mostly Caroline) still ended up with red skin. :( And Caroline came home with severe blisters on her feet from the pool. So much so that we had to really band aid up...

That is a lot of band aid trash!!!

Then we got ready for the cousin invasion! My sister, Anonymous, came on Sunday and will be here all week! Yeah! I love my sisters and brother and I really love it when we get to see each other! Anonymous has three kids...two boys and one girl. Which makes my kids really happy!

This is Caroline and Gracie after spending an astonishing 45 minutes applying make-up. Gracie has skills...Caroline clearly needs practice!
We grilled chicken....correction, Mark, in the pouring rain, grilled chicken! Thanks Mark! It was delicious.
The boys retired to the family room to catch up check messages on their phones.
The girls did fashion shows and art collection showings for us the rest of the evening. They were quite comical.
This is my FAVORITE picture...they got into my closet and came out with their "total fashion girl" outfits! :) Complete with attitude.
The very first night together almost wore me out. And I just realized that I took no pictures of the boys...they stayed out of sight I guess... :) We have all week though, so I am sure I will have many...if I can survive the energy level!

Hope the recap makes up for the lack of posts lately!!!

Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. I'm thinking with Gracie and Caroline entertaining each other and you guys, the boys were quite content hiding out!

  2. I love how much Caroline & your niece look alike! They are beautiful girls! Maybe it's their smile???? So maybe you & Anonymous look alike? :) Glad your sister is in town. Never had one of my very own, always wanted one, so God brought sweet friends to fill that void & I love when they arrive at my house. It's like wrapping yourself up in the softest blanket & snuggling down in your biggest comfy chair! :) Enjoy your sweet week together!

  3. LOve the bandaged feet....but i imagine they were not so fun for her, huh?

  4. wow! that's a lot of band-aids. good thing you were well stocked!

    good husbands grill in the rain (or bb-q as we say here on the west coast).

    happy end of the school year!