Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Have We Been Doing?

We left last week for the great state of North Carolina. We had to leave daddy behind to work, and we really miss him. But we have been having a blast!

This is just crossing into North Carolina capturing why they call them The Great Smoky this state!

We showed up at Anonymous' house and the girls went right to their creative side!

Will went to basketball camp at Uncle H's camp...he loved it!
I FINALLY got to see my brother in law Mike...he returned from Afghanistan in November and this was my first chance to see him. He spoke to the campers about the importance of communication. He is so that he is back!!
Then, we left the great state of North Carolina and headed to the great state of South Carolina!
Riding to the pool (in the neighborhood) in the back of Grandpa's truck is a summer favorite every year!
We took the kids to see Cars 2. After the movie I spotted Anthropolgie...having NEVER been in one before (a travesty in my mind), I sprinted toward it (not really). I was in love from the first look...but I got called out before I could do any damage... :(
I have been sitting on the back porch at mom and dad's watching golfers and listening to Caroline talk (the other morning it was about the dangers of golf...ha!).
We have been spending some time at the beach....Caroline was dancing. She said she was using the music of the waves to dance! :)
Cousins are one of our MOST FAVORITE parts of coming to Grandma's and Grandpa's house!
Then, Tuesday, me, mom and dad went up to Myrtle Beach and saw presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann. I have never been to a political rally that features a presidential hopeful so that was cool. I met lots of funny people, one visitor from California, a reporter from Chicago (ok, I did not meet him...I eavesdropped on his interview with a retired NYC cop), a NYC cop who investigated organized crime (cool!) and a man running for state senator but who is currently the DA in Myrtle Beach. His wife was funny. :)
This picture cracks me up. Dad held his flag JUST LIKE THAT the WHOLE time. :) Love that man!
Mom and dad in front of the Michele Bachmann bus. We had fun and laughed a lot...thanks Sarah for keeping all the kids so we could go!
So, there you have it...that is what we have been up to for the past week and a half.

I love summer!

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