Friday, July 29, 2011

InstaFriday #2

It is Instafriday thanks to Jeannett. I had lots of fun taking pictures on my phone in anticipation of this post!!!!

We were heading out to dinner and Caroline did not want to leave without "a flower thingie"(thanks Lindsey!) in her hair!

On our way to dinner, Caroline took one of her necklaces off and wrapped it around her head.

Mark was driving us to dinner and realized he had forgotten his he borrowed mine.

Mark took Caroline shoe shopping and they came home with these...her feet are big but these shoes make them look HUGE!

Nothing like a heat wave!!!

We went to a birthday pool party during the weekend and almost couldn't stand to swim in the bath temperature water!!! (So sad)

We headed to my sister's in Alabama for a few days. I posted this earlier but felt you all should see it again...this is Josh...he filled up the goggles with water, then put them on and asked me to take his picture! :)

Cousin love at Moes!

Georgie, my sister's dog, came and snuggled with me on my last morning there. She is a precious dog...Caroline joined the photo just cuz...

This is one of my favorite pictures...sleeping snuggles from two very tired, very giggly girls.

Hope your week has been worthy of some awesome photos!

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  1. Love the pictures of Jenny and Caroline together! Some of my favorite!! Jealous!

  2. wow on the heat wave! Hope you can enjoy some together time indoors I guess! Love the flower for the hair!

  3. thanks for stopping by! I know how you feel in the horrible heat wave. We're in SC and I am SO ready for fall! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Love the pics...especially the goggles shot. Way cute! :-)

  5. i dream of the day i will have an iphone and can join in on the insta-friday posts!

    these are great. nice petal pusher.

    michael has a photo of a friend that he took wearing goggles with water and gold fish in them. it's cool.

    heat wave!! i'll say.

    btw- on our trip to maui i met a man from...(drum roll).."the carpet capitol of the world!" i thought of you of course.

  6. great shots! the one with the goggles in my favorite :)

  7. I've never thought to put a petal pusher in my hair. Thanks for the inspiration Caroline!

  8. I've never thought to put a petal pusher in my hair. Thanks for the inspiration Caroline!