Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lessons from Kayaking

We have tried something new this year as a family at the beach. Dad decided we all needed to go kayaking(not in the ocean) and we all thought he was crazy. He went without any of us and we were happy to send him. Then, he got Anonymous' husband all excited and he went out and rented two kayaks...for three days...and dad does not let a rented day go to waste.

I went the first day...and it was hard work...really hard work. We couldn't coast...there was no wind to help us and it was HOT!!!! We worked hard...taking the kids up and down the intercoastal waterway. There was no relaxing....believe me, I kept waiting for a boat to come hook me to them and tow me to the dock! :)

The second day, my dad and Mark took the kids out in a new place. The current was MOVING and poor dad and Mark had to paddle most of the way against the current. They were working so hard but getting no where. And they were tired.

Struggling against the current would not be what an expert boater would tell you to do. Now keep in mind, we did not plan order to get out of the water they had to paddle against the current. It was not as much fun the second day as it was the first.

Isn't that like when we struggle against where/what God wants us to do? We fight to do our own thing, and while we struggle, we can't figure out why it is so hard. We have done it before and it was fun...why not this time? We continue on in our own strength and we wonder why we are tired and worn out and not enjoying ourselves. But if we turn back to God, follow Him and trust Him...even in a storm...He is faithful to be with us.

Take Day 3 of Kayaking:

Notice in the top right picture, the storm cloud hovering behind my sister's boat...we thought maybe we shouldn't was dark and a storm was brewing. But dad couldn't let day 3 of rental fees go by without using the boats! So we went...the storm blowing in and the current moving...this time with us. And the report at the end of the trip was how much easier it was moving with the current and having the wind at their backs.

Just like life goes so much more smoothly, even in a potential storm, when we move WITH God and not against Him. He gives us the physical tools we need: the boat, the life jackets, the paddles, the course...and then we must trust Him to provide the rest of what we need...the tide, the current, the wind. And on the days, like day 2, when we might be off course, or we might just be in the middle of one of His lessons, He gives us the strength to make it through to the end, where we can pull ourselves out of the difficult water and find rest on His peaceful shore.

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