Monday, August 29, 2011

Alabama Weekend Recap

We went to Alabama this weekend to see my sister Leigh Ann and her family. We got on the road as soon as school was out so we could make it for my nephew's football game. Friday night football has always been a fun event for me but it makes it so much more fun when you have family on the team. The kids ditched me and Mark as soon as we got there in order to go play/hang out with their cousins.

Saturday the boys played golf in the morning and Leigh Ann and I watched the kids floated in her pool, soaking up the sun and talking. We had tickets to go hear Selah sing that night and listen to Angie Smith talk. We were very excited for a girls' night out.

Funny story...before we left to go out we were standing in her closet picking out her outfit (more on that on Wednesday) and we were talking about my blog. My family really thinks I should write a book...I love to write, but I feel very silly thinking that anyone other than my family would really want to read a book I wrote. I told Leigh Ann that...I think I said it like this, "I write the stuff I put on the blog because I feel like I am supposed to, but I still don't think anyone really reads it all except our family." End of discussion....we got ready and left for the concert.

Selah (pictures courtesy of Cyndi Autrey)
Angie Smith

Leigh Ann, Me and Selah!

Now on to the most amazing part of the story. When we got to the concert, we were looking for seats and Leigh Ann thought we should sit upstairs in the balcony. I didn't really want to but I went up there anyway. A little later, a girl came and sat beside Leigh Ann. Leigh Ann, who doesn't talk to strangers, struck up a conversation with her. Her name was Cyndi and she was super sweet. We chatted until the concert started. It was a great concert and at intermission, I tweeted that it was a great concert. All of a sudden, Cyndi looked up and over at me and asked me my last name. I told her and she screamed and said, "I know you. I follow your blog. I was just at a Priscilla Shirer event and there was a group of us talking about you." I was floored!!! That has NEVER happened to me...never. I switched seats with Leigh Ann and we enjoyed the rest of the concert.

Me and Sweet Cyndi

In the middle of the second set of songs (I sound like I know concert talk, don't I?) I was thinking about meeting Cyndi here...the chance of it all...sitting in the balcony when I really wanted to sit in the floor seats....and then I remembered saying to Leigh Ann that no one but family reads my blog and so no one would care if I wrote or not...and I smiled. God is sovereign, I know that. But it still blows my mind that He would know I would say that to Leigh Ann and then He would bring Cyndi all the way from Mississippi to Montgomery, AL to say to me, "Keep is more than family reading." I am not saying that to be cocky...not at all. Only to say that God hears us and speaks to us in the most unexpected ways! So, thank you Cyndi for being an answer to a prayer!

In my quest to follow God more closely, I realized (AGAIN) this weekend, He is in the details...ALL of the them. And sometimes, He shows off just because He can.

Stay strong, keep close to Him and have a super week!

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  1. *Big Smile* That is so awesome! Definitely more than family read. I generally read every post and I really love them. I don't always comment because some of your posts are so good, I feel like my comment isn't going to do it justice... if that makes sense.

  2. Love this start writing...

  3. Paige, I agree with Leigh Ann 110%! God uses you to minister to folks in more places than you know. I have your blog on my favorites list because I sooo enjoy your sweet insights and great sense of humor. I am an artist here in Savannah, GA, so I paint and draw to reach others and bring God's glory to a world I could not otherwise reach. You have a gift few have been given. Trust Him to provide and inspire as you WRITE THE BOOK, sweet sister, and allow God to use you to an even greater extent to reach many for Him. My, it's always a wonderful thing to see God move through us to reach others for Christ! GO FOR IT!! :)