Thursday, September 1, 2011

An Awesome God

I woke up Tuesday with a renewed sense of encouragement that it could be a good day. Glance back here if you need a refreshing of Monday.

I was still in my bed for the first few minutes and prayed that my day would be honoring to God, bring hope and joy to others around me and cause me to call on the name of Jesus when I struggle.

I did not pray for patience...I KNOW how that one turns out.

I digress...

Anyway, I got up, got in the shower and started my morning routine. I typically do not turn the light on in my bathroom until I am out of the shower. I am not much of a morning person and light and I don't do well together right off the bat.

So, after I got out of the shower I went to turn on the light. Our bathroom in the master bedroom is the size of a cracker jack box. Our house was built in the 80s sometime and they did not see the need for large bathrooms then like they do now. So mine is small. There are, however, two lights in our bathroom, both operated by the same switch. One is an overhead light that does not give off much light at all. The other is a fluorescent light that could possible light the runway for the space shuttle to land.

I need the fluorescent light on when I put on my make-up...otherwise I look like Caroline does when she tries to put on make-up. But that light was not coming on. Now that is not altogether can be temperamental but it hasn't been of late. I did not want to have to deal with this so I prayed, kind of demanding, that God turn on the light.

I heard, dry your hair first.

I never dry my hair first. I always put my make-up on first. Always. But I said, "Fine." (and yes, it probably was with a slight attitude).

I put the junk in my hair that I have to use and then went for coffee. I felt I needed it early that morning since my routine was off. When I came back with my cup of joe I immediately reached for the make-up and started turning the light on and off to see if I could shock it back on.

Then I remembered...dry your hair first. I really felt like God was asking me to trust Him with this little detail of my day. I was FRUSTRATED though...but I dried my hair.

And then it came time to put on my make-up. The fluorescent light was still out...I sighed and as I reached to flip the switch one last time I prayed. "Lord, I dried my hair first like you asked me to" (you would think with my bad attitude He had asked me to wander the desert for 40 years)"can you please turn this light on now so I can put on my make-up?"

I flipped the light off.

Then right back on...and you know what. That fluorescent light came on so fast and so strong that it took my breath away. Or maybe it was the fact that I felt like the presence of the Lord was in that bathroom when that light came on. He asked me to rearrange my routine for Him and He forced me to do it by keeping the light off, and then, when He was ready for me to continue in my routine, He allowed the light to come on.

Folks, that is a God of details. That is a God who loves us enough to let us stew a little in the dark (you don't have to stew by the way, you could do it with a much better attitude than me) and then He shines His light down on us just when we need it in a way that takes our breath away!

I do not look at that as a coincidence---I look at that as confirmation that my God heard me say, "Let me call out to you today Lord" and He wanted to prove to me He is trustworthy and there!

How can we not go deeper with such a loving God by our sides?

Check your light source my friends...and then leave the timing and power up to the One whose glory can light a dark, dark world.


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  1. Wow, Paige. You are on fire! Must be all that light :) Love you! LA

  2. Awesome post! So grateful for a heart that desires to be teachable and honoring to our Lord Jesus!

  3. Thank you. I need this confirmation today. I appreciate your sharing and your praying. You mean more than you can know.