Friday, September 9, 2011


It is Friday and I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! It is a glimpse into your week with grainy phone pictures!!!

We have had QUITE the week!

It started on Saturday with much much football. My kids dressed in opposite team colors and decided to cheer, cheer, cheer!

Then Will made out his birthday list! Oh my. Love that he dreams big, but oh my!

Then, we made campaign posters because somehow my oldest is old enough to run for office! If you are so inclined...please pray for him...they vote on Tuesday...which happens to be his birthday!!!

I went to the grocery store before Tropical Depression Lee hit and got thoroughly distracted by this display!

Then Monday night a TREE fell on our house!!! Scared me to death. Minimal damage done but lots of details now to take care of!

This was the tree during the daytime (which is not as scary as it was the night before).

More tree pics
Truly, it could not have gotten ANY closer without going through my house!

My hero, cleaning it all up! Love that Mark got up early to carve a path out for us!

Damage to my car.

Damage to the house.

A 40 degree drop in temps in 3 days time! Brrr!
Then my mom and dad came to visit! Yeah! Dad teaching Caroline had to tie her shoes.

Mark and dad hanging a new and very bright light in my bathroom!!! Yeah!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. glad the damage wasnt worse!! grandparents are wonderful when they come to see the kiddos!!!

    thanks for letting me see your week!!!

  2. How cool that your son is running for office. Just shoes he is going to be a leader!!! Fingers crossed for him that he wins.

    That tree looks scary. I'm so glad you all didn't get hurt & the damage was minimal.

    Hope your weekend is fabulous!!!