Saturday, October 29, 2011


I love Fall. I love the drop in temperature (from hotter than should be allowed to being able to breathe normal when you walk out of the door), I love the change in colors all around, and I love being able to wear long pants without melting.

Fall makes me smile. My street has lots of old trees on it that can be very beautiful as the leaves change. One year, during the drought, the trees failed to change to any color other than brown and I was surprised how sad it made me.

I missed this.

God knew what the leaves would look like that year. He knows what every leaf is going to look like every year. Does that blow your mind? It does mine. But he does. He knows every tree, leaf, bird, animal, blade of grass, grain of sand and hair on your head.

He also knows what will happen to each thing, each minute of each day.

That baffles me.

I don't even know what I am going to wear tomorrow -- but He does...

One thing that scares me no matter what season it is, is the wind blowing...after the tree fell and hit the house, anytime the wind rustles through the trees (which, incidentally I used to find calming) I find myself gripped with fear.

The fall brings with it much less wind blowing than the spring and summer. For that, I am very grateful. I know that the God who knows the color of every leaf also knows if and when a tree will fall on my house. Unfortunately, that does not bring me comfort in the middle of the night when the wind blows.

Yesterday, on facebook, one of my friends, Shawn, posted this verse:

"He decided how hard the winds should blow
and how much rain should fall." Job 28:25

I read it but did not think much about it until I read what one commenter wrote: "What I love about this verse is the "how hard" and the "how much". We know he sends the wind and rain, but how often do we consider that he weighs the "how hard" and the "how much." He knows our frames. And he sends JUST the right amount to conform us into His image." (Jennifer Bedley Hoos)

He does know how much we can take but better yet, He knows how much we need to take in order to look more like Him when we come through it all on the other side. He knows just how much wind will be necessary to draw me closer to Him.

He knows how much ____________ it will take to cause me to fall on my knees and praise His name and then call out to Him for help.

I think what I fail to remember in the midst of my fear is how much He loves me. He pursues me daily--He loves me enough to pursue me daily. He loves me enough to use the wind and rain to draw me to His side and land me on my knees before Him.

So as the leaves change, and I stand in awe of how He is in the details, I will fall to my knees and praise Him because He knows how much I need to encounter before I completely rely on Him.

So, this fall, will you fall on your face before an all-knowing, all-loving God?

I promise it is a view that cannot be matched by anything you have ever experienced before.

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  1. Paige, as I drove to Chapel Hill and back today through long country roads, I kept wishing I had a good camera. Instead of throwing myself a pity party, I chose to enjoy the view. The view that doesn't last all that long.

    I LOVE fall too!

    Thank you for this fresh perspective. :-)