Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey Hey It's Your Birthday!!!

Today is my sweet baby girl's SIXTH birthday!!!

That is hard to imagine for me.

You see, six years ago, my mom had come to town for the big day. Mark took Will to daycare and then met my mom and I at the hospital. Of course, on the way, I was driving (I was not in labor...going to be induced...even though I had been having contractions since week 27 with her...contractions that meant I had to be monitored every 2 weeks to make sure I was not going into labor...contractions that NEVER sent me into labor)...anyway, I was driving and leaving our neighborhood, I hit a deer.

Yes. You read that right. I hit a deer. Bumped really is a better way to describe it. And actually, HE bumped me. I know it was a he because he had major antlers. I did not kill him. He jumped to his death off the bridge just down from where he bumped me. Sad, I know... I prayed he did not kill anyone below...

Anyway, we got the hospital and the pitocin was started and then because of a little complication with Will when he was born (he got stuck), they let me NOT push when I got to 10 cm until after she had moved herself under my pelvic bone (TMI? sorry)

There was only one problem...she moved quickly. I had to hold my breath (so as to not push) while the nurse grabbed the doctor and she ran in just in time to catch our 8 lb 9 ounce girl (I think it was 9 ounces...)...

She was cute wasn't she? Her cuteness lasted all of about 2 weeks...then she started screaming. OK...nevermind...she was still cute!!! But oh my word she screamed...colic lasted for 12 weeks at our house and Mark and I almost went crazy...

She has managed to keep us on our toes for the past 6 years and we wouldn't trade her now for anything!!!

Happy Birthday Caroline!!! I am so glad I get to be your mom!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Caroline!!!!

  2. love the lip pucker and awesome braid in the last photo! Can't believe she's only 6!!! I love talking to her..which may say more about my age. Anyway, we love you Caroline!!