Friday, October 7, 2011


It is Friday and I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! It is a glimpse into your week with grainy phone pictures!!!

Last Friday it was Homecoming at the local high school. Now, Mark and I did not go to high school here, so it was not OUR Homecoming...but my kids love to go. Will for the football and Caroline for the princesses!

Caroline and Will before we head out for the game.

Julie and Maddie...Maddie was on the Homecoming court and Julie did her hair! (The are aunt and niece!) Maddie is so sweet to Caroline...Caroline loves her!!

Caroline went missing during the game...I went looking for her...she was hanging out in the student section all by herself waiting on Maddie to come back from the concession stand.

Here is a really bad phone shot of all the girls on the field!

Saturday morning we headed out to South Carolina.

Caroline had really bad seats way high up! But I guess we were lucky to even be in those seats. Mark bought tickets for the two of us on the street corner and when they scanned our tickets, one was valid, one was not! AHHH! They let us in anyway!

Caroline waving her towel and jumping to "Sandstorm" after South Carolina scored. Too bad Auburn would score RIGHT after that dance and beat us in the most boring ever watched 16-13.

We needed gas when we were leaving Columbia but Mark wouldn't stop here!

Sunday we headed to Atlanta to meet up with some of Mark's family...Will was being gross.

We got there early and had to kill time so Caroline decided to jump off the side of a mountain...kidding...she is walking the roots of what used to be a really big tree.

This was one of the oddest play structures I had ever seen but as you will be able to tell, my family had a GREAT time on it!

Not as limber as he once was!

Almost there!

Went back to the beginning and did, "I'm king of the world." To which Caroline responded, "Then I'm queen of the world."

Merry go round of sorts...

Killing time Tuesday afternoon waiting on my kids to get out of basketball...I parked to enjoy the great weather and possibly nap but laughed so hard at the people who almost crashed when they realized it was the ESPN bus. No commentators were matter how hard the star-struck people looked.

I am so glad it is Friday...we have today and Monday off and I need to get ready to take my kids to the movies. Isn't that what everyone does on their days off?

Happy Friday to you all!

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  1. Hi Paige,

    Sorry to hear you have sick little ones too. Hope it doesn't last long! I hate once school starts up everybody is sick all the time. Blah!
    The football game sounded fun. And how cute that your daughter looks up to Maddie. That is so sweet.