Friday, October 21, 2011


It is Friday and I am linking up with Life Rearranged for InstaFriday! It is a glimpse into your week with grainy phone pictures!!!

The first exciting thing that happened this past week was that I got an iphone 4s. Now, I know lots of people got an iphone last week but this was my very first iphone. I told my sister I finally feel like a member of the popular crowd! :)

We had our fall carnival at school on Friday. Will and his buddy Alex had an amazing time...can you tell?
Caroline got to ride a horse...she said she was practicing for her birthday party...she should be ready since she practiced a lot that night!!!
Then Saturday, I took her out for a Mommy and Me day. We had a blast shopping away!!!
She really wanted to do the jumpy thing...and she loved it but refused to flip...bummer!
I was coming home from the grocery store the other day, and got a call on my cell phone. It said "Mark" so imagine my surprise when it was Will. He said, "Uhhhmmm mom...daddy is stuck on the roof." Ok...son, I am coming. Of course I couldn't resist taking some pictures once I got home.
He said all he needed was a fiddle and he could be the fiddler on the roof... LOL
Mark showing Sven "the roof"...haha....I am grateful for Sven...he is Mark's roof hero and my iphone hero...everybody needs a Sven...
Caroline celebrating her birthday at school (on pajama day).
Then that night she chose Chili's for her birthday dinner and The Sweet Spot for her dessert. Love her!!!
Tuesday it was 84 and muggy. Wednesday, it was 48! Yes, you saw that right. 48. Hello...what happened to fall?
And last, but certainly not least, today is the birthday of our sweet pastor and great friend, Charlie!!! We love him and so I made him something sweet. Chachi, we hope today is the best birthday ever!!!!!!!!!
Yall link up and join in on the phone picture is lots of fun!!!

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  1. At least your hubby was brave enough to try getting on the roof! Mine would've called help from the get-go! Daddies-stuck-on-a-roof seems too be a fun memory for kids. I have a few myself!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You are going to LOVE the iphone!!! Do you have the app Instagram??? Its fun!! I'm Cindy 1962!!

    Have fun with your phone, its addicitng!!

    Happy Friday

  3. I am waiting for my iphone 4s! You are going to love it! Too funny about your hubby getting stuck on the roof!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Have a great Friday!

  4. So, Paige, if I ever cave and get a smartphone like 40% of cell phone users and it happens to be an iPhone, I'll need you to tutor me.

    I've bunked it for so long simply because their ads are condescending. Like those of us who don't have a phone like that or who don't want to spend double the money for a PHONE are stupid idiots.

    I'm over that attitude (kinda) and am willing to entertain since Sprint now has iPhones.

    Rambling. Who cares? Tutor me when/if the time comes?

  5. It was a great birthday, and the fudge was DELICIOUS! I enjoyed the birthday meal with y'all. You are all wonderful, and I love you.